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Apple iPad 3 or Apple iPad HD: rumour round-up

by LLB Editor
7th Mar 12 3:05 pm

iPad HD or iPad 3? The rumour mill is churning at the speed of light to predict what Apple will unveil at 6pm tonight

Technology behemoth Apple has invited journalists to what it describes as “a special event” in York Place, north London, which will run alongside an announcement in California where Apple CEO Tim Cook will launch the tech giant’s latest product.

The email invitation includes a photo of a touch screen device with a message to the reporters: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

So what’s it going to be? Here’s a round-up of the rumours predicting the vital stats of Apple’s new baby.

The name: iPad HD

A majority of techies have put their money on iPad HD predicting that the new iPad would have a bigger and better screen. Citing anonymous sources, the editor of tech website Mashable, Chris Taylor, said: “The device we’ll be watching Apple unveil on Wednesday is called the iPad HD, not the iPad 3.”

A slicker display

The new iPad will almost certainly have a much-improved display compared with its predecessor. It is expected to have the iPhone 4S ‘Retina Display’- Apple’s high pixel display that makes text and images on the screen look more crisp. Tech bloggers think that the tablet will be a little thicker than the old iPad because of extra components needed to support the HD screen. Also, based on the photo on the invitation Apple sent out, it’s thought the new iPad might not have the home button.

A faster processor

It’s rumoured that the biggest change will be a faster processor. The current iPad uses Apple’s A5 chip but the new iPad is expected to have an A6 chip which will make the swipe of fingers even more sensitive. Matthew Panzarino, of The Next Web, believes Apple has developed a way for the iPad to deliver feedback when you touch the screen. Many devices already do this at the moment using what’s called ‘haptic feedback’. This is when the device gives a tiny vibration as you touch a button, letting the user know that it has registered the touch.

Better camera

The Telegraph pointed out that the new iPad may have a better camera quality than the iPad 2’s front and rear cameras.

Siri voice control, like the iPhone 4S

The Daily Mail reported that the new iPad could include Siri, the voice-activated ‘assistant’ found on the iPhone 4S.

Release date: March 16

According to a Tuesday report from 9to5 Mac, an Apple store source revealed that the iPad would go on the market on Friday, March 16.

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