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Andrea Leadsom launches her Tory leadership campaign

11th Jun 19 11:04 am

Andrea Leadsom the former leader of the House of Commons has on Tuesday launched her campaign for the Conservative leadership contest.

Leadsom resigned from Theresa May’s government last month and Conservative MPs said her decision to quit May’s government was “absolutely the right thing to do.”

Leadsom claimed that “Brexit cannot be put off any longer” as leaving the European Union on 31 October is for her a “hard red line.”

“Over the last three years, politics has failed dismally.”

Leadsom said on Tuesday morning that she will set up a cross party commission to find a solution over social care before the next general election.

She said there needs to be “far greater support” for families and added that more school funding is needed.

Leadsom said that “We all have a shared stake in our future.

“A decisive and compassionate leader refuses to leave anyone behind.”

Adding “Our party has thrived when it has governed as a champion of the people.”

Leadsom said I am offering myself as an “optimistic yet realistic Brexiteer with a range of transformational policy ideas for the modern Britain of the 2020s”.

Answering questions after her speech she said, “In all circumstances we are leaving the EU on 31 October this year.

“Our country and our party cannot afford any more indecisiveness.

“But what I would say is my managed exit offers sensible measures that sensible politicians both here in parliament and in the EU will, in my opinion, agree to.

“So, I don’t think we have to have the choice between no Brexit and no deal.

“I think a managed exit is the way forward.”

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