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An umbrella? A pair of glasses? Five sexy flexible working gadgets you need to own!

by LLB Editor
15th May 13 9:16 am

The gadgets that make flexible working even more fun and fantastic

So you’re not stuck in the 9 – 5 rut and you like working in your own sweet time, from your own sweet spot.

But do you have the gadgets that make flexi-working sexy? No, we’re not talking about a superfast internet connection, headphones or a USB stick – we’re talking about seriously sexy gadgets.

Here are five sexy gadgets that you need when you’ve set up an office, out-of-office:

1. RollUp Flexible Keyboard Black

Flexi keyboard

How would you like a keyboard that is so light that can it can be curled up and kept in your bag just like the yoga mat? The RollUp Flexible Keyboard is water-resistant, easy to carry and can make working on your tablet and laptop easy and flexible. No more carrying heavy keyboards around anymore.

2. A dock that transforms iPads and iPhones into a desk phone

Shoretel dock

If you buy the ShoreTel Dock, you will never again have to sprint across the room to get the phone. Why? The dock turns the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad into a deskphone so that you can keep all your phones in one place. All you need to do is slide your iPhone or iPad into the ShoreTel Dock and watch it becomes a desk phone. It only requires a single power adaptor and automatically keeps Apple handheld devices charged.

The dock works over both Wi-Fi and cellular and users can be reached on their same extension whether they are working in their office or at home.

3. The Vodafone booster brolly

Vodafone brolly

Now we all know that the end of office is nigh, so you will likely soon need a hi-tech gadget to ensure you can have a productive day working from the park. Buy the Vodafone booster brolly that helps you by powering a battery that can charge a mobile and boost the phone and Wi-Fi connection. The umbrella weighs about 800g, the same as a loaf of bread, is and great for you to work away from the office.

4. PlugBug


This one’s for all you Apple aficionado. Plugbug’s multi-prong outlet means the you can charge your iPhone, iPad and MacBook all at the same time from a wall socket. With this charger you can charge your iPhone or iPad without having to plug it into your laptop, all the while also charging your laptop battery. So, that’s one charger, charging all the devices you need at maximum efficiency.

5. Google Glass

The mother of all devices, this is a gadget that will make flexible working more flexible than ever. Wear these glasses and you’ll get all the information from emails, news, weather and directions pulled right in front of your eyes. Google Glass will show you text messages and emails as you receive them and allow you to reply to them via voice commands. You can also use your voice to Google things and the specs will pull up searches in front of you. Not just this, the device visually reminds you about your meetings and tasks by associating a photo with what’s coming up.

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