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A part-time job opportunity in the UK

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18th Jun 21 9:59 am

Many people who need an additional income are looking for a part-time job. It is always a good possibility to earn more money in your free time. One of the most effective options is stock trading, which is available for UK citizens of full age. You can learn more about it and find all the necessary information on the FXTM blog. At the same time, there are more fascinating options for a part-time job. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Even in a crisis, you can make money if you turn your skills into a source of income. To do this, you need to understand what services are in demand now.

1. Delivery driver

During the pandemic, the demand for couriers increased. No special skills are required for this job. Working for different services, couriers can earn up to $100 per day. Daily earnings depend on the number of completed orders. If we take the average possible income per day of $200, then with a five-day working week, you can earn $4,000 per month.

2. Taxi driver

For a part-time job at Uber, you need to be over 21 years old, have driving experience of three years or more, and a driver’s licence. If you do not have your own car, a taxi company that cooperates with the service will provide it. Orders are received through the application. Your earnings will depend on the number of working hours.

3. Take up tutoring and teaching

Tutoring is one of the most common ways to earn extra money and an opportunity to monetize your knowledge. If you are a translator or linguist, you can become a teacher at a language school. Such work is conveniently combined with a permanent one. You can work with students, for example, in the evenings or on weekends.

In order not to give part of the money to intermediaries, you can look for students on your own, for example, using various online platforms. If you are a beginner teacher, then for one online lesson, you can earn about $10-20 per hour, if you already have experience — $50-100, if you have a lot of practice — up to $200.

The same applies to teachers of music, dance, or yoga. But before starting to work, you will have to confirm your qualifications with diplomas or certificates.

4. Engage in freelance: translations/copyright/transcript/programming, SMM

You can perform such types of work on online platforms or freelance exchanges like Fiverr, Upwork, and others. The price for services will depend on the platform, the experience of the contractor, and the quality of work done.

Copywriters earn from $3 for 100 words of text. It all depends on the complexity of the topic, the author’s experience, and customer reviews, which gradually increase the rating, and then the price tag. Commercial and selling texts can be paid at the rate of $10/100 words and above.

5. Take part in surveys

Paid surveys are a fairly simple part-time job for those who are temporarily left without income. Survey fees are usually paid by marketing companies who act on behalf of the manufacturers of products and services. It works like this: a person answers questions about products or technology and earns money for this. The narrower the topic, the higher the pay.

Such surveys take place both in real life and online. They target different groups: for example, surveys for men or women, especially for mothers, for pet owners, for car owners, for smokers. On some resources, rewards are possible in the form of goods. To participate, you need to register on one of the specialized resources.

6. Rent out or sell

Another way to generate additional income is to check whether you have valuable items that you rarely use and rent them out. If the flat has an empty room, you can rent it out. Such ads are usually placed on real estate search sites like Airbnb.com.

You can also rent out professional sports equipment or equipment for repair. Usually, these things take up a lot of space, are expensive, and are used only for the occasion. Therefore, people often prefer to rent them: for example, a tent, sleeping bag, SUP board, concrete mixer, a jigsaw, and even a wedding dress. You can also sell things that you no longer use but which may be useful to other people. For example, an exercise bike that is covered with a layer of dust or an electronic piano.

Of course, this is not a complete list of part-time jobs. There is also foster care and walking of pets, babysitters, cleaning services. The main thing is to find a business to your liking so that it brings you not only income but also joy.

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