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5 surprising celebrity Eurosceptics, from Posh to a certain Prince

by LLB Reporter
18th Jun 13 9:31 am

Could UKIP soon enjoy some extra celeb stardust?

With Eurosceptic-fever sweeping the UK, Nigel Farage and UKIP have never had it so good.

Thriving off the back of the Eurozone crisis, UKIP is enjoying record poll ratings and a Tory drift in their favour. It almost seems fashionable to come out in support of the purple peril.

Celebrities have even been sensing the movement, with veteran BBC sports presenter Des Lynam outing himself as a UKIP supporter, going as far as penning a version of “Send in the Clowns” in homage to the party. Celeb chef Jamie Oliver has also dolloped praise on Farage’s lot for “stirring it up”.

But Eurosceptic feeling runs deeper than you may think in the celeb world, even though a UKIP spokesperson fumes to LondonlovesBusiness.com that “many stars feel like they can’t even talk about politics or they’ll alienate their fans”.

Here are just a few celebrities who aren’t great fans of Brussels. You can count on Nigel Farage having these names on his list of people to woo in favour of being full-hearted UKIP-ers.

1. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has been a tease with his views on Europe. He doesn’t just praise UKIP’s work at shaking up the political system, he also loathes the EU’s work.

“I have nothing nice to say about the EU at all, we’d be better off out of it,” he once told MPs, when speaking out about the UK’s farming industry.

“It saps the life and the icing off our farmers.”


Jamie Oliver on the EU

2. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Posh may have become more of a fashion icon and silent pouter in the media, but back in the Spice Girls’ heyday, she could rival Nigel Farage in her EU vitriol.

Speaking to the Spectator in 1996, she said the EU had been a “terrible trick on the British people”. “The Euro bureaucrats are destroying every bit of national identity and individuality. Let me give you an example — those new passports are revolting, an insult to our kingdom, our independence. We must keep our national individuality.”

Talk about Girl Power, Tory MEP and arch-Euroceptic Daniel Hannan explained to LondonlovesBusiness.com that he lauded her back in the ’90s.

“I wrote a T’graph leader at the time referring to ‘Victoria, perhaps better known to our readers as Sceptic Spice’. A sub changed it to ‘better known to our readers as Posh Spice’, to the enduring hilarity of Private Eye.”

3.     Geri Halliwell

Former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, launches a Union flag clothing range for the NEXT high street store, at Mercer Street Studios, in London.

Just like Posh, Ginger Spice bore the Eurosceptic torch. “’We travel throughout Europe,” she explained in 1996, “all those countries look the same. Only England looks different. That is why the Spice Girls are profoundly suspicious of Europe.”

4.     John Bird

The Big Issue founder is not just passionate about helping the homeless, he’s also forceful on the need for the UK to have an EU referendum – just so they can clear up all the “cockamamie” stuff that comes out of Brussels.

“The greatest disadvantage is when I hear some of these cockamamie plans that are coming out of Strasbourg and you actually think there is another government telling us what to do…” he said on BBC Question Time.

5.     Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Yes, even Prince Charles is hacked off with Brussels. In 2007, he took time out of his princely duties to rail at EU’s “crazy” rules in the marketing of seeds when speaking to the BBC.

“What could be crazier than, I think, having the kind of EU legislation which made it impossible to sell the seeds of many of these wonderful old varieties that people have developed over thousands of years?” he said.

“Hundreds of varieties have been lost — wonderful things which our forefathers took enormous trouble to develop and which, in many cases, are resistant to all sorts of prevalent diseases.”

Sadly for Farage, you may not find the Prince getting publicly vocal on Europe much more, thanks to that fiddly problem of constitutional neutrality.

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