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4 big Rupert Murdoch controversies

12th Jan 16 11:08 am

The billionaire media mogul is getting married… again

Rupert Murdoch has just got engaged to model Jerry Hall, who is 15 years his junior. Hall will be Murdoch’s fourth wife, after three high-profile divorces.

Murdoch is no stranger to scandal though. Here are his four biggest controversies in the UK.

David Cameron yacht parties

Before he became prime minister David Cameron was a guest of Murdoch’s on his private yacht. Cameron accepted free flights to hold private talks and attend parties with Murdoch, though his register of interests in the Commons says the private plane was provided by Murdoch’s son-in-law, PR man Matthew Freud, with the flight valued at about £30,000.

In 2006, Murdoch’s newspapers stated publicly that they would support David Cameron as prime minister.

In 2011, it was revealed that Cameron met executives from News Corporation, which is owned by Murdoch, 26 times during 14 months while his was prime minister.

Murdoch also had links with Tony Blair while he was prime minister, but the pair allegedly fell out after Murdoch’s ex-wife Wendi Deng was accused of spending time alone on yachts and at home with Blair.

Controversial tweets

Murdoch is no stranger to controversial tweets. Here are some of the less well-informed ones:


Phone hacking

Murdoch’s newspapers were in hot water after allegations journalists had been hacking the phones of celebrities and members of the public, including murdered teenager Milly Dowler. After more than 100 arrests in the wide-reaching investigation and a public enquiry, Murdoch was forced to close the newspaper The News of the World which was considered the worst offender.


In 2010, Murdoch’s News Corp launched a bid to take over BskyB, of which it already owned 39.1%. Jeremy Hunt, then culture secretary, elected not to refer the deal to the competition authority, instead accepting a number of measures from News Corp to improve competition – a move that was seen as very unpopular among the general public. In 2011, amid the phone hacking scandal, shares in BskyB plummeted and News Corp withdrew the offer.



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