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30 best-paid jobs to land without a degree

17th Feb 17 8:48 am

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A degree isn’t necessary to get a good job. But what are some of the best-paid, most-available starter positions for those with a vocational qualification? Check out the top five: 

  • Service Engineer – service engineers often visit client sites to install or repair hardware. They have a starting salary of £28,138 and are in high demand across the country.
  • Maintenance Engineer – maintenance engineers optimise equipment to make sure it’s more reliable and safe – and have a starting salary of £31,848, though only half as many jobs available as service engineers.
  • Assistant Manager – retail positions have the benefit of being in steady demand, and working as an assistant manager offers a starting salary of £21,190.
  • Business Analyst – with the highest starting salary found in the research – £43,796 – business analysts assesses company business models and ensures they’re integrated with the latest technology and procedures.
  • Customer Service Assistant – a common starter position for many, working directly with customers is a good entry position for a longer career, and has a starter salary of £17,310. 

“Most people think university is the only way to go,” said Joe Gardiner, TotallyMoney.com’s Head of Brand & Communications, “But this research shows that just isn’t the case. There are lots of opportunities out there that don’t need a degree – and vocational qualifications can be much more relevant to the work. And with so many still in student debt, it can even be the cheaper option.”  

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