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15 tips for putting your legal practice on the map

by Sarah Dunsby
3rd Jul 23 9:59 am

If you’re a lawyer or own a law firm, you probably understand how tough this legal market can be. With new law schools popping up every year, more and more lawyers are entering the legal market, making it increasingly challenging to stand out. Thus, putting your legal practice on the map is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible either. In this blog post, you’ll gain some valuable tips that you can follow to help build and establish your legal practice.

It can be challenging to run a law firm, especially on a tight budget, and increase its visibility at the same time. However, it’s essential to develop a strategy to build a positive reputation and attract new clients. But before implementing these tips, you need to ask three critical questions:

  • What makes your legal practice unique?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Who is your ideal client?

These questions will help you structure a plan for developing your firm’s marketing strategy, which will upscale your legal business.

Here are 15 crucial tips to help you put your law firm on the map.

1. Create a professional website

When it comes to putting your legal practice on the map, the first step is to create a professional website. Make sure that your website is easy to navigate and understand. Try to include client testimonials and offer contact information. You only have a few seconds to grab potential clients’ attention who visit your site. Ensure that your website is fast and mobile-responsive.

2. Optimise your website for search engines

Search engines can be a game-changer in helping your law firm appear higher in search results. Optimising your website’s search engine rankings means ensuring that the website’s content, structure, and other elements are of very high quality. You can focus on keywords, meta descriptions, and more advanced optimisation techniques.

3. Invest in Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC)

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), such as Google AdWords, is a form of online advertising whereby you only pay for each click on your ad. A well-placed PPC ad can increase brand awareness and help you gain clients quickly. This method only produces results when executed to the highest standard. There are many web design firms that offer PPC advertising services that you can leverage. Use a firm with some experience of working on Google Ads for lawyers (https://centaur-consulting-group.com/google-ads-for-lawyers/) to get the best results possible.

4. Use social media

Social media is now the go-to communication tool for many people all over the world. You can take advantage of social media to promote your legal practice. Choose the right social media platforms; for example, LinkedIn is an excellent way to network and connect with business professionals, while Facebook is great for connecting with friends and families. Use social media platforms that your ideal clients are likely to use.

5. Offer valuable content to your audience

Offer valuable content to your audience to help establish your company’s authority in your legal field. The more informative, engaging, and enjoyable your content is, the more likely your audience will view your legal practice as an industry leader. Try to write informative blogs, post valuable tips, and offer resources to help clients understand how your legal practice can help them out.

6. Attend industry events

Attending industry events and conferences is a great way to network and increase your firm’s visibility. Most industry events and conferences allow for speakers and panels, providing the perfect opportunity to get your legal practice noticed.

7. Optimise your google my business profile

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to manage your online presence across Google. Optimising your Google My Business profile is essential to help you rank higher in search engines. Ensure that your business details, phone number, address, business hours, and reviews are up to date.

8. Offer exceptional customer service

Providing excellent customer service is key to turning potential clients into paying clients through word of mouth referrals. Ensure that all your clients and potential clients are communicated with respectfully and professionally.

9. Partner with other firms

Joining forces with other firms provides an opportunity to broaden your reach and boost your firm’s visibility. Consider partnering up with complementary firms in your field to offer a joint service to clients. This is a great way to expand your business and increase visibility.

10. Ask for referrals

Asking your existing clients for referrals can help establish your legal practice in the industry. Ensure that you ask your satisfied clients for referrals and follow up to show your appreciation. You could even offer a discount to clients who refer someone new.

11. Communicate with your clients

It’s essential to communicate with your clients and keep them updated about changes in the legal industry and also your firm. Regular communication helps build a stronger relationship with your clients and reinforces trust in your legal practice. You can use emails, newsletters, podcasts, or even direct mail to stay connected with your existing clients.

12. Place yourself in the media spotlight

Positioning yourself as an expert in your legal field is a great way to increase your visibility and attract new clients. You can do this by writing articles for industry publications, participating in interviews, or speaking at conferences. If you’re finding it tough to get connections in the media, pay for advertorials or to place guest blog posts on reputable websites. This could kickstart wider media interest in what you do.

13. Don’t discount the power of traditional advertising

Though the digital world has become a big part of our lives, traditional methods of advertising are still worth pursuing. Consider using billboards, radio ads, and newspaper advertisements to get your legal practice noticed.

14. Utilise local networking

Local networking events are excellent opportunities to make connections and gain visibility in your local community. You can mingle with local business owners, pick up clients, and even network with other lawyers.

15. Monitor your progress

Regularly monitoring your marketing efforts is essential to ensure that you get the best results. Analyse and measure your efforts using analytics tools such as Google Analytics. This will help you determine which strategies are working and which ones need to be tweaked or dropped.

Putting your legal practice on the map isn’t a one-stop solution process. Use these tips and other marketing techniques to attract clients and improve your legal practice. Remember, building and sustaining a successful legal firm requires persistence and hard work. If you put in the effort, your legal practice will become one of the most authoritative, trusted, and successful names in the legal industry.

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