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Wow – check out Google’s smart contact lens that measures glucose levels

by LLB Reporter
17th Jan 14 10:37 am

This is eye-widening news: Google is developing a “smart” contact lens that can measure your glucose levels.

The contact lens would be a potential life-saver for people with diabetes, who need to keep constant tabs on their glucose levels.

The lens contains a tiny chip that measure glucose in tears, yet it looks and feels like a normal contact lens.

Check it out in this video to find out more:

The lens is not yet commercially available and needs further development, but it’s a very exciting evolution for medi-tech.

“We’re still really early on,” said a Google spokesperson working on the project (in the above video). “We’re confident about how the technology is going so far but there’s a huge amount of work left to do, so we’re actively looking for partners to help us out with the next phase of the project.”

He said: “It looks and feels like a regular contact lens.

“We’ve had to work really hard to develop tiny, low-powered electronics that operate on really low levels of energy and really small glucose sensors.

“I’m really excited about this technology because this could give another way – another tool – for people with diabetes to learn more about their blood glucose.”

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