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Why your office needs extra physical security

by John Saunders
27th Mar 19 12:15 pm

In a climate of increased need for powerful cyber security it can be easy to overlook the physical security measures that your business needs. There are many reasons that it can be hugely important for you to invest in physical security ranging from issues surrounding legal compliance to ensuring your staff are as productive as possible. Here we take a look at some of the key reasons that you would benefit from extra physical security measures.

Criminals benefit from easy access to your premises

The fact is that criminals are becoming more sophisticated. Providing them with access to your physical premises gives criminals the opportunity to do much more than just steal physical items from you. You might be surprised that cyber criminals will often attempt to physically infiltrate an office space in order to allow them to gain access to the computer system.

They do this by inserting a flash drive into a computer or device, this uploads a virus or provides them with information that they can then use to break into the system – such as record password keystrokes.

What’s the solution? Stopping criminals for getting access to your property can be as simple as putting security controls in place. If doors are locked with keycodes or members of staff are required to carry around key cards, it means that no-one can gain access to the building without registering their details and providing a legitimate reason to be there.

Physical security is an issue for GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in 2018 and it has forced businesses to take more care in the management, processing and storage of the personal information of individuals. All businesses are required to be GDPR compliant and failing to take appropriate steps to protect data.

However, many businesses have assumed that the GDPR is only relevant to data stored on physical storage. In fact, the GDPR covers all personal data – whether they are in physical or digital copies. So, failing to put appropriate physical security measures in place can put you in breach. And as mentioned above, physical intruders can also put your cyber security at risk, so this really is essential.

What’s the solution? One of the most important aspects of keeping your business secure is providing your staff with the training that they need. Employees need to be given training and guidance on how to carry out their work in accordance with the GDPR, as well as the importance of being vigilant due to the tactics and techniques utilised by criminals.

Ram-raiding is becoming more common

Physical attacks on premises are sadly becoming more common. Criminals use the strength and power of moving vehicles to break down doors and walls in order to gain access to buildings. In fact, recent statistics have shown that the use of vehicles in ram-raiding has increased by an average of 22 per cent every year since 2014, showing the scale of the problem.

Offices can be at risk of ram raiding just like any kind of property so it essential to ensure that yours is properly defended against this type of attack.

What’s the solution? One of the key ways to defend an office against ram-raiding is to limit access to the building’s carpark. If your office car park can be accessed this area can be utilised by criminals. So, it is important to limit access with barriers. Remember that vehicles can use various access points to get into your car park, so it may be necessary to use strong concrete barriers such as Malta rock or interlocking jersey barriers to limit access to very heavy vehicles.

“Concrete barriers can be used as a means of physical defences, for example preventing access to sites.. Of course, there are many types of barrier that can be used, but concrete barriers have the advantage of being very strong and stable – which makes them extremely difficult to dislodge, even when situated close to heavy traffic.

Limiting access is one way of securing your car park, but it is also important to remember that it may not be possible to prevent all access to your car park, and that it is sensible to take further steps to add layers of security. If someone is able to get into your car park, you want to have additional measures in place to limit what they can do.” Concrete Barrier specialists, Maltaward.

Staff that feel safe are more productive

Productivity is an important part of the success of any business – staff need to be working at their full potential for a company to be successful. But it can be very difficult to be productive if you don’t feel safe and secure in the work environment. Your office will benefit enormously from adding security features.

What’s the solution? It is a good idea to talk to your staff as they will have an idea of the particular areas of concern. You can then put extra security features in place to help everyone feel more secure at work. This could include anything from adding motion sensor lights to install CCTV around the premises.

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