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Why you should start a tech company

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8th Nov 18 10:40 am

There are lots of good reasons to start your own business, but it’s important to be sure you have all the ingredients necessary for success. First of all, you need to be determined enough to push on in the face of obstacles, yet flexible enough to admit when it might be time to reassess. Passion for your project is crucial too, but you must also be able to make unemotional decisions, especially during the difficult early stages of a new business. Even with all these qualities, the first 12 months can be tough.

Fortunately, tech start-ups can be launched from just about anywhere, whether it’s a rented office space, or your living room. But no matter how humble your beginnings, you should take care of some essential business matters early on.

First of all, you’re going to need to find reputable accountants and lawyers to help you with legal and financial matters. You will also need to make sure you have all the appropriate business insurance, otherwise your business could be at risk of failing before it’s ever realised its potential. Technology companies face unique risks because the industry is continually evolving.  For example, you could need professional indemnity insurance in the event of programming errors or development problems.If you want to know more, the Hiscox website offers detailed guidance on professional risk indemnity insurance.

Once you’ve got all these business basics sorted, and you’ve done some appropriate market research, you can start to focus on what you care about most, and experience the key advantages of staring a tech company.


New leaps and bounds are being made every day in the technology industry, and the rate of development is going to increase exponentially over the coming years according to experts. Your company could be the one to develop the next big technological advancement. IN addition to bringing something new into the world, this would mean explosive growth for you and your team. Some of the UK’s top tech start-ups are still being run by the same core team they started with, despite now being worth billions.

A fantastic pool of talent

More and more people are choosing to work for start-ups rather than corporate giants. Many talented workers feel that, while the pay might not be as good initially, start-ups offer more varied and interesting work, as well as the chance to be an integral part of something new, with their ideas being more likely to contribute to the future identity of the organisation. For this reason, you’re likely to have a good pool of talent from which to recruit.


Starting a business always provides experience in a much wider range of disciplines than any normal job role could. And this is especially true for the tech start up because, on top of all the usual commercial considerations, there are likely going to be many technical and conceptual elements involved in bringing a brand new piece of tech to market. Even if you’re employing others to do core work in certain areas, your understanding and contribution is likely to span a much wider range of topics than the typical business owner.

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