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Why video poker is better than slots

by John Saunders
5th Nov 21 11:14 am

Video poker and slots games are among the most popular titles in online casinos these days.

Despite looking similar in some ways, there are some crucial differences between these games that might see you opt for video poker.

You may be able to affect the outcome

Slots are basically a game of chance, where you hit the spin button and wait to see which symbols fall into place. You might get the opportunity to pick an object or make some other sort of decision in a bonus round, but there is no way to use a playing strategy in slots.

On the other hand, video poker games often give you the chance to decide which cards to keep and which to discard. This decision means that you take some control over the action and get the opportunity to affect the outcome. It is similar to playing poker against humans but with a slots-style layout and simplified gameplay.

You might play some slots when you just want to see whether you can get some good luck. However, when you want to put yourself to the test it is video poker that is going to allow you to make your own decisions.

It is easy to understand

Slots and video poker are both very simple games, where you just need to hit the start button and wait to see what happens. If you have ever played any type of poker before, you will immediately understand the strength of the hand you have been initially dealt.

You may wonder why there are so many versions of video poker online. This is because different features are added to them, like the way that Jacks or Better starts paying out on two jacks, or how Double Bonus Poker adds in extra four-of-a-kind wins. But the basic rules and gameplay are always pretty similar to the way you normally play poker.

On the other hand, slots are set up in many different ways that might confuse you at first. They could include a single reel, three reels, five reels, or more. Then there are the number of pay lines or ways of winning to take into account as well as the huge variety of features like wilds, free spins, multipliers, and the Megaways format created by Big Time Gaming.

Neither game is difficult to understand, but if you want to understand what is happening right away, video poker lets you get to a flying start.

The pay-outs are clearer

Both of these types of casino games have a payable on them. With video poker, this is simply a list of the possible winning hands and how much they are worth, based on the amount of your stake. You can see at a glance exactly how much you would win for each combination of cards.

The pay table on a slots game can run to several pages, with different pay-outs for each combination of symbols. Once we consider bonus features that could add multipliers or give you a bonus round, it can all get quite complicated if you just want a simple game.

When you start playing, you will very quickly be able to work out how much you could win when your poker cards are dealt. However, when a slot’s reels come to rest on a winning combination you probably need to wait to see how much the win is, rather than being able to work it out.

Big jackpot wins can occur on either type of game, although in slots you might need to play a bonus round while in video poker it all comes down to the cards that are in your hand.

Video poker games often have higher return to player figures

Finally, the last point is arguably the most crucial. Return to player (RTP) is a figure that lets you see how much any game gives back to its players in the long run. This isn’t a guarantee of how much you will win, but it does let you see how generous the game is in paying out.

The RTP on casino games varies widely, but it is fair to say that video poker is up there with the best of them. Along with the likes of blackjack and baccarat, this way of playing tends to give an RTP of close to 100%, putting it significantly ahead of the majority of slots.

With this in mind, you should feel more comfortable about making your playing budget last for longer. The higher the RTP, the more you would expect to be able to play with, although the volatility of the game also has a part to play in how frequently wins come along.

Video poker and slots are among the simplest and most satisfying online casino games, with each offering a way of betting that appeals to a wide variety of players.

If you love playing poker, video poker is likely to appeal to you more than slots. In case you are looking for a website with video poker games online click here and have fun.


Please play responsibly. For more information and advice visit www.begambleaware.org


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