Why is this young banker squatting over the City of London? What’s he doing?


Oh, that’s not right

Shitting Banker

Image via Twitter

A new advertisement on the Tube has appeared which is putting Londoners right off their breakfast, or at least snorting right into it.

It features a giant young man in a suit with a determined look on his face, squatting over the City of London, as though he’s about to release something unpleasant all over the financial district.

The early morning sun is breaking behind the Gherkin, and meanwhile, Mr Fancy Pants here has got his feet up on two buildings near London Wall, and is gazing down upon Threadneedle Street with one hand on his chin.

Bankers already face sky-high levels of disdain and derision without the added suggestion they are, in the words of one Twitter user, “about to take a massive dump on London”.

The ad is for the Chartered Banker Institute’s Young Banker of the Year competition, and will become an instant classic among the world’s more spectacular PR fails.

Other notable examples from the genre include #AskBG, the hashtag deployed by British Gas which backfired stunningly, and also the genius of the Susan Boyle album launch, which was heralded with the extraordinary hashtag #Susanalbumparty.

Here are some entertaining responses to the ad we’ve just found on Twitter: