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Who is a Swiss resident director: A short analysis

by John Saunders
14th Feb 22 5:35 pm

The resident of a Swiss company can be a resident of the country or a foreign national but must be a resident of the country. Since 1st July 2015 all SAs & SARLs needs to be presented by a resident for tax purpose of Switzerland.

Article 718 paragraph 4 paragraph 4 of code of obligations states “The respective organisation must be presented by a person or a resident in Switzerland. At least one member of the board of directors or director must fulfil requirement

Advantages of an off Shore Company..?

Increased profits Off shore companies’ benefit from attractive tax regime on revenue & profit, sometimes, they are completely exempt from tax.

Anonymity – nominees for Swiss resident director can be used as the names to appear in the contract.

No accounting is requirement – The publication of accounts is not at all mandatory!

Keeping an eye on engagement

To drive maximum connections to your advantage, have a close look at the touch points & make sure of identifying potential problems.

  • How is the jurisdiction reaching out to individuals to discuss products & services?
  • Who are individuals whom they should target & know better? What are the potentials of cross-selling?

There are many areas to look at to monitor client engagement & have a better knowledge of how client relationships are trending these days. Yet, these activities remain at bay if sales teams are not driving in optimistic a channel that facilitates the activities above. To do the needful, being innovative is essential.

A necessary service if you reside abroad

As mentioned above, a Swiss company must have at least one representative, director or board member who resides in Switzerland. If you live abroad and do not intend to move to Switzerland, we will find you that representative, so that you can comply with Swiss law.

Duties and responsibilities of a Swiss Director

In most cases, the Articles of Association will contain information about the duties and responsibilities of the company director. However, it’s important to know that in Switzerland the main duty of the company director of A Swiss Offshore Company is to show loyalty towards the company. The same loyalty duty applies to the company’s shareholders as well, as company directors must act in the best interest of the shareholders.

Considering all these aspects, it is important for foreign investors interested in incorporating in Switzerland to appoint company directors that meet the requested criteria. Nevertheless, it is possible to acquire the services of a firm specialised in incorporating Swiss companies, as they will be able to provide company directors, if necessary.

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