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When is the right time to start thinking pensions?

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21st Oct 19 10:58 am

Pension most of the time sounds like a headache because then it will mean that you sacrifice your monthly salary for your future. In fact, for teens or even some older generation people there more chances that this is the last thing on their minds – Saving for a comfortable old age. Specialists advise that putting aside some saving for a pension could be rewarding in the end. These days, the young generation workers are often turned off by the idea of pension as it seems complicated and gets one to tie up money that they could have instead used to pay the ever-rising cost of living. They are less generous as well as less secure than they used to be a while ago. The young people think that their retirement will be decades away and by then they will have saved more with time, even when on the ground they are not setting aside some money. In short, thinking about pension and start saving now is pure stress.

Financial experts, however, warn that most workers today don’t have an idea of how poor they could be during their retirement. Unless they get to grips with their money quickly, they could be in for a rude shock. It pays off to understand your financial situation right now to make an informed decision on how you will manage your old age. Pensions are different in nature. Another thing, not all long term savings are pensions the only thing to consider is to get a well defined benefit pension.

Types of pensions

Pensions are divided into three categories in the UK, namely workplace pensions that are provided by the employer. These include personal, occupational and stakeholder pensions. There is also another form called pension and compensation schemes for the veterans and their families, and armed forces personnel. The third category would be the state pension.

SSAS pensions

The SSAS pensions fall into the workplace pension that can be independently managed by the company setting it up. With a SSAS pension financial institutions or even insurance company as it is set by directors as well as senior staff. The primary purpose is to increase your retirement benefit and investment flexibility.


You do not have access to your SIPP until you reach your 55 birthday. Its rules and tax reliefs can change depending on one’s circumstances. Pension introducers and advisers are best placed to advise on the ideal pension plan that will work for them. One also can do final salary pension transfer to a new pension arrangement from it if they attain 55 years old. Not only can you do a final salary pension transfer but also you can transfer cash before this age to get a higher return under the current pension scheme. It can be either risky at best or scam.


A QROP is a qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme. For a QROP scheme to be deemed recognisable it must the criteria stipulated by HMRC.

Mis-sold pension

Mis-sold pension is the next biggest scam whereby a pension introducer and giver does not disclose most of the things as charges, hidden costs, no health issues included, and other things while selling you a pension. The victim of the mis-sold pension comes to realize these afterwards after the damage has already happened. However, a pension introducer and giver can make a claim and get compensated. Today mis-sold pensions cases are on the rise as of June 2008. Mis-sold pensions account for most pension scams in the UK, and many financial institutions have in the past been found guilty of mis-sold pensions. Always ensure you get a clearly defined benefit pension before you rush into one.

Mis-sold annuity

Mis-sold annuity is a type of financial product which retirees purchase for their retirement. The individual approaching retirement hands their pension pot over to an annuity firm in exchange for a guaranteed income until death, however, things don’t go as planned as they soon realize shoddy advice and inappropriate missing information in the agreement. Just like the SIPP claims, one can also file annuity claims if they are still alive and get compensated handsomely. Before filing annuity claims or SIPP claims, however, to get claims advice from an acclaimed firm.

While most of these pensions claims may happen after your retirement, it doesn’t make it not ideal to think about pension while you are still young, in fact, you should start thinking and working towards it even before your first employment. It pays off to get it right the first time rather than crying foul later.

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