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What to know when entering a new market

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19th Jan 22 3:51 pm

New business owners, or those looking to target a different market or region, gather around. There are many factors to consider to ensure the main challenges you face can be tackled and overcome. Whether your business is online and technology driven like thecryptorobo.com/tr or based in a physical location, this is what you need to know.

Is the new market worth targeting?

Research that is carried out before entering a new market should include whether there is demand for your service or product. Furthermore, just because there is demand there may already be a high supply which can make it difficult.

There are also other factors to consider such as if there are any cultural barriers. Many businesses have fallen short due to not paying attention to this, therefore, researching about any that may impact how you do business in the new market is crucial.

How expensive are the initial costs going to be?

Starting fresh can mean a lot of costs will be incurred, from production to distribution and even marketing costs. Also, you’ll need to look carefully into the country’s tax regulations to prevent any fines from coming your way by not following the rules.

It’s recommended to create a cost analysis plan to see that all these costs can be accounted for to ensure after time you’ll receive a good profit margin that makes the new market worth targeting.

Does my business model need to be adapted?

 Registering in a new country or region can be complex. Therefore, many existing businesses tend to opt for partnering with a local partner to ensure they’re successful. Although revenue may be smaller you also have the advantage of reducing some risks normally associated with entering a new market. Consider this in detail before progressing.

Do I need to change my payment methods?

 Some countries still use physical cash as the main source of payment for services and products. So, if you’re currently using electronic payments as your main payment method, this may have to change. As a result, new processes must be created to ensure the business is running smoothly day-to-day.

If you’re an online business then the payment methods will be similar, however, you might need to use a different payment software. For example, Paypal is seen as trustworthy in many countries and is very widely used. So, using it on your website could significantly increase your revenue.

Are my current communication channels good to use?

Not every country is the same – the communication channels that they use will vary. This means that research must be undertaken to identify the primary ones when entering a new market. Once known, a successful customer engagement campaign can be launched.

However, just using the main types may not be enough. For example, different generations interact with brands differently so additional options for communications may be needed to ensure customer satisfaction. Again, this can all be determined from research done before launching into the new market.

Final thoughts

 There is a lot to think about when entering a new market. Not everything goes according to plan, however, you can take some steps to prevent finding yourself in difficult situations. A good place to start would be carefully reviewing all the points we’ve discussed above.




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