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What to do if you lose your work car keys

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25th Jun 19 1:51 pm

There’s no denying that, of all the moments of stress and panic in your life, losing your place of works car keys is one of the worst. If you do lose your keys, you’re certainly going to feel frustrated, and maybe even worried that you may lose business from the accident, but it’s not always a lost forever situation- and even if it is, there are still solutions to the problem. Follow these steps below and you’ll see that all can end happily without the need for unnecessary fuss.

1. Don’t panic

It is completely understandable that losing your work car keys is a scary time, especially if you’re out in public and rely on your vehicle for business. But the important thing is to keep a cool head and try to stay as calm as possible. If you allow a stressful situation to provoke you, it’s going to be a lot harder to work your way through the issue, which means you’re going to be flapping about and panicking rather than rationally thinking about where you may have misplaced your keys.

2. Retrace your steps

If you think through your situation realistically, even if you’ve spent the day commuting or rushing from one work meeting to the next, there are only so many places you could have left your keys. It’s wise to go right back to where you started your day and retrace your steps, trying to think whether you remember having the keys on your possession at each location. If you can’t remember, ask yourself, would I have taken my keys out of my bag/pocket here? The obvious places to ask such a question are food courts and shopping tills, where you might take your keys out along with your wallet when going to pay for something.

3. Accept and move on

Sometimes, the unfortunate reality is that you simply won’t find your keys again. If this is the case, hold off your mental breakdown: it’s not the end of the world. Yes, your keys are gone, but that doesn’t mean you’re permanently locked out of your car for the foreseeable future. For the time being, arrange alternative modes of transport, get yourself home (if you’re not already), and remember that things never seem as bad after a good night’s sleep.

4. Visit an automotive locksmith

Once you’re refreshed and ready to go again, it’s time to get practical. You’ll need to visit an automotive locksmith, who will use something called an automotive key machine to replace your lost car keys. The price of the job usually depends on the model of the vehicle you own, and the key type that needs to be cut, so you’re best getting a few quotes if you want to get a good deal. Key duplication is an option, but don’t worry if you’ve lost your only car key- a new key can be cut without needing an original to copy off.

5. Consider having multiple keys cut

Obviously, losing a key is never ideal, whether you have a replacement or not. However, having a spare key to hand can reduce the initial stress of misplacing a key, so it’s worth considering having multiple keys cut to prevent too much potential fuss in the future.

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