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What basic driving manoeuvres are Brits avoiding?

13th Oct 17 1:03 pm

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British motorists are going to great lengths to avoid basic driving manoeuvres which learners are required to carry out in order to pass their driving tests, according to research.

  • 68 per cent of UK drivers avoid parallel parking
  • Over half are not confident reversing around a corner
  • Men aged 18-24 are indeed the self-confessed worst parallel parkers

The survey of 1,011 British motorists carried out by car leasing company, Vantage-leasing.com, has revealed that more than half (68 per cent) of drivers will actively avoid parallel parking, and instead look for alternative parking spaces to avoid doing so – with many even being willing to park in a space that would add 3.6 minutes onto their journey, on average.

Parallel parking was also revealed to be the most difficult driving manoeuvre, with 76 per cent of the votes.

A turn in the road – or three-point turn – came in second place, with 63 per cent of the vote.

Meanwhile, reversing around a corner followed close behind in third place with 61 per cent.

Bay parking was problematic for 55 per cent, while 35 per cent didn’t not feel confident carrying out an emergency stop.

James Buttrick, Senior Leasing Consultant at Vantage-leasing.com said: “It’s quite interesting to see how many drivers in the UK are not confident carrying out the manoeuvres that many will have been taught and tested on when learning to drive.

It’s also quite concerning that more than one in three cited the crucial emergency stop as a problem manoeuvre, giving the role this can play in preventing and minimising accidents.

“Motorists should take the time to make themselves more familiar with the manoeuvres they are not confident in completing – whether that be practising on a quiet road or car park, or even taking refresher driving lessons with a driving instructor, to recap on technique.”

Buttrick added: “It’s the responsibility of drivers to ensure that they are confident in every aspect of driving for the obvious safety reasons.

“Many will also enjoy the added benefit of being able to park in smaller spaces which can save them a few minutes’ walk every day.”

The data also revealed that men aged 18 to 24 are the self-confessed worst parallel parkers, with 72 per cent confessing to avoiding the manoeuvre.

Meanwhile, Plymouth is the home to the UK’s best parallel parkers, with just 48 per cent saying they would avoid the manoeuvre, followed by motorists in Manchester (53 per cent).

The top five most difficult manoeuvres, as rated by British motorists:

  1. Parallel parking: 76 per cent
  2. Turn in the road: 63 per cent
  3. Reversing around a corner: 61 per cent
  4. Bay parking: 55 per cent
  5. Emergency stop: 35 per cent

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