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Western leaders warned ‘the The Evil Empire has been reborn in the East’ which threatens ‘all of Europe’

by LLB Reporter
13th Apr 23 2:40 pm

Poland’s Prime Minister has issued a warning that Vladimir Putin has had 23 years to “build his Evil Empire” and “Russian barbarians” pose a real threat.

Mateusz Morawiecki criticised “Old Europe” as they fail to understand the real threat that Putin’s regime poses in Europe.

The Polish Prime Minister tweeted, “The Evil Empire has been reborn in the East. Russian barbarians threaten not only Ukraine.

“They threaten all of Europe and the whole free world.”

He added, “This is no mere incident, no coincidence, no maniac’s impulse.

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“Putin has been building his Evil Empire for 23 years, in preparation for this conflict.

“New Europe understands this. It is time that Old Europe understood it too.”

Nikolai Patrushev said last month that “historically” Russia has always had the “leading role on the continent” and warned that “the collapse of the EU is not far off.”

It is strongly believed that Patrushev is the brains behind Putin’s war in Ukraine and said, “Some people in the West are already talking about revenge that would lead to a military victory over Russia.”

Taking aim at the US, he told the Kremlin’s mouthpiece newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, that currently they do “as it pleases in Europe ignoring the fact that the leading role on the continent has historically been Russia‘s.

“The Russian empires in the 19th century, the Soviet Union’s in the 20th.

“That’s how it will be in the 21st century as well.”

The former security service FSB chief, warned, “NATO countries are a party to the [Ukraine] conflict. They have turned Ukraine into one big military camp.

“In trying to prolong this military confrontation as long as possible, they are not hiding their main goal – the defeat of Russia on the battlefield and its further dismemberment.

“The US authorities’ unrestrained aspiration to retain the dominant role in the world has at least since 1945 been the source of all instances of escalation in tensions on the global scale.

“American politicians that are hostage to their own propaganda for some reason retain the conviction that in case of a direct conflict with Russia the US would be capable of delivering a preventive missile strike, after which Russia would no longer be able to respond.

“That is shortsighted idiocy of a very dangerous kind.”

He added, “The paradox lies in that Washington is directly interested in the break-up of the EU, to remove its economic rival, to not allow Europe to prosper through cooperation with Russia.”

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