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Russia threatens Poland with a nuclear strike if a ‘peace-keeping contingent’ is launched by NATO

by LLB political Reporter
23rd Mar 22 11:29 am

Russian state TV are promoting for there to be a tactical nuclear strike in Europe because the “West will never lift the sanctions” that has been imposed on Russia.

Russian media analyst Julia Davis was promoting nuclear attacks as she shared a clip, of  military expert Igor Korotchenko said, in part, “The West will never lift the sanctions from Russia… This is war.

“What should be our reaction? Tactical nuclear weapons as battlefield arms… Re-arming Iskanders with special munitions…”

Another presenter also advocated a nuclear strike on Europe and directly threaten “Poland, Germany, and the Baltic states.”

In the footage the presenter sent a “clear message” to Europe that if there is any attempt by NATO to launch a “peace-keeping contingent” then Russia will fire nuclear missiles.

The presenter warned, “Brave poles, there will be nothing left from your Warsaw in 30 seconds.”

Commenting on the video, security analyst Maria Avdeeva said, “When I say that Putin will not stop in Ukraine, I mean exactly that.

“State Russian TV show in prime time discusses possible nuclear strike on Europe, Russian invasion of Poland and Lithuania and corridor to Kaliningrad, threatens Germany and Baltic states.”

Dmitry Medvedev who is now the deputy chairman of the Russian security council and a close friend of Vladimir Putin called Poland a “community of political idiots” over their decision to severe economic ties with Russia.

Medvedev who is Russia’s former President warned that the Poles will suffer as Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, is set to welcome the US President Joe Biden later this week.

Medvedev fumed in a letter he published on Telegram, “The interests of the citizens of Poland have been sacrificed due to Russophobia of ‘mediocre politicians’ and their ‘puppeteers from across the ocean’ with clear signs of senile insanity.”

The Putin loyalist added, “The decision to abandon the purchase of Russian gas, oil and coal, the opposition to Nord Stream 2 have already caused serious damage to the economy of this country.

“Now it will only get worse.”

Medvedev wrote, “While Europe is painfully aware of the damage that anti-Russian sanctions will inflict on it, our most beloved European country, as always, ran ahead of the speeding steam locomotive. Literally.

“Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, together with Deputy Prime Minister Kaczynski, as well as the prime ministers of the Czech Republic and Slovenia, travelled to Kyiv on a specially guarded train. Almost like Ilyich in an armoured car with German money.

“We talked with Zelensky, promised friendship and help. They lied, of course. Returning, Morawiecki solemnly announced the development of a program for ‘de-Russification of the Polish and European economy.’ Courageously specifying that ‘this may be costly.’

“Absolutely and completely right: expensive and pointless. But Poland can no longer take into account the costs. Everything that she could lose because of her own long-term pathological Russophobia has already been lost. So now, as the beloved neighbors of the Poles say, ‘the shed burned down – burn down the hut.’

“When it comes to Russia, Poland literally writhes from ‘phantom pains.’

“It is very difficult for its elites to come to terms with the fact that the Time of Troubles almost 400 years ago ended with the expulsion of the Polish occupiers from the Kremlin. That the great empire of the Commonwealth did not take place later.

“And the reason for this is not the intrigues of Russia, but internal squabbles, corruption, economic failures, lost battles. And so – for many centuries.

“Polish propaganda is the most vicious, vulgar and shrill critic of Russia. Community of political imbeciles.

“Despite the fact that in our country it is not customary to hush up even the darkest pages of our common history, in Poland they dream of forgetting about the times of the Second World War.

“First of all, about those Soviet soldiers who defeated fascism, expelled the invaders from Polish cities and did not let them blow up Krakow, liberated the prisoners of Auschwitz and Majdanek.

“History is now being redrawn, monuments are being demolished. But the fascist occupation is openly equated with the ‘Soviet.’

“It is difficult to come up with a more deceitful and disgusting rhetoric, but the Poles succeed.

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