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Missiles fired close to NATO border forces Poland to scramble fighter jets

7th Feb 24 11:35 am

Poland was forced to scramble fighter jets as Russia fired missiles towards the NATO-Ukrainian border.

Ukraine was hit by multiple missiles in the early hours and in Kyiv an apartment block was ablaze after a missile hit killing residents.

The Polish Defence Ministry scrambled at least three F-16 fighter jets and Russia are already testing Poland’s response times.

Russian forces fired missiles towards Lviv which borders Poland and the fighter jets were scrambled to ensure Polish airspace is safe.

The operational command of the Armed Forces of Poland said, “Intensive long-range aviation activity of the Russian Federation is being observed due to missile strikes on Ukrainian territory.

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All necessary procedures aimed at ensuring the safety of Polish airspace have been launched.

The command added that Poland is “constantly monitoring the situation,” adding, “We warn you that Polish and allied aircraft have been activated, which may cause increased noise levels, especially in the southeast area of the country.

This week Poland sent Moscow a stern warning that they are ready to defend themselves against “all scenarios” from an attack by Russia as World War Three is looking more and more likely.

The Polish Defence Minister Kosiniak-Kamysz who is also a NATO official said they will retaliate against Russia should Moscow make any attempt to take over Warsaw.

Tensions between Warsaw and Moscow along the eastern border has intensified which saw Poland sending thousands of troops, tanks armoured vehicles and fighter jets to “ensure the safety of Polish airspace.”

Kosiniak-Kamysz who is also the Deputy Prime Minister told the Polish newspaper Super Express, “all scenarios are possible and I take the worst ones very seriously.”

“That’s what a defense minister’s role is in our current circumstances… we have to be prepared for anything.”

He added, “So we’re reviewing the situation, drawing conclusions, and filling in gaps, including when it comes to weapons and ammunition.

“Major [arms] procurement efforts are important, but soldiers’ personal equipment is also important.”

The Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov previously warned that “frictions between Warsaw and Kyiv will increase,” adding, “We are, of course, watching this closely.”

Peskov said that Russia is “on alert” over any “potential threats that may come from Poland.”

Nicholas Drummond, a former British Army officer who is now a defense industry analyst and consultant, who specialises in land warfare, told the Express US that any aggression from Poland will start another world war.

He told the outlet in September, “Firstly, if Russia decides to launch an attack through Belarus via the Wagner Group into Poland.

“The Poles really hate the Russians and are gagging for a fight. We now have to be extremely careful that they don’t trigger World War III.”

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