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Leaked Kremlin spy documents reveals Putin wanted ‘total cleansing’ of Ukraine in ‘house-to-house terror’ to commit genocide

by LLB political Reporter
26th Mar 23 2:00 pm

Leaked Kremlin spy documents reveal that Vladimir Putin wanted “total cleansing” of the Ukrainian population with the assistance of the Russian military in “house-to-house terror” with the full intention to commit genocide.

The leaked emails from Russia’s FSB security services formerly known as the KGB also demanded that concentration camps to be set up forcing Ukrainian civilians into them in the same way Hitler did in World War Two with the Jews which saw more than six million executed.

According to The Sun a source within the Russian security service leaked the highly sensitive emails to Vladimir Osechkin, founder of anti-Russian torture network Gulagu.

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The Sun reported that the security service source within the FSB said that genocide against the Ukrainian population would have been assisted with the Russian military for “total cleansing.”

The source added, “And after all this, we could install any government in Kyiv.”

Since the illegal invasion started on 24 February 2022 there has been a catalogue of war crimes committed in Ukraine such as the Bucha massacre.

Ukrainian women have persistently been raped and thousands have been executed and buried in mass graves around the country, by Wagner Group forces and Russian troops who are constantly committing war crimes.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) along with other agencies have been documenting war crimes across Ukraine.

The ICC have issued a warrant for the arrest of the Russian leader for being responsible of abducting children and sending them to Russia.

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