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Watch: Russian ‘guests’ and ‘troops’ hysterically warned ‘Run, Rabbit, Run or die’ in Kherson

by LLB political Reporter
1st Sep 22 4:29 pm

Russian “guest” and “troops” have been sent an hysterical warning in the city of Kherson by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Footage circulating on social media shows Russian troops “fleeing” for their lives as Ukrainian forces can be seen blowing them up.

The Defence Ministry posted a video captioned “Run, Rabbit, Run” warning Russians to “run of die.”

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned, “We will push them to the border. To our border, the line of which has not changed. The invaders know it well.

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“If they want to survive, it is time for the Russian military to flee.”

On Monday Ukrainian forces “breached” Russia’s “first line of defence near Kherson” resulting in Russian commanders running away scared as the HIMAR precision artillery weapon has completely disrupted their supply lines.

Russian troops have been abandoned by their commanders are “fleeing en masse from the Kherson region.”

Vladimir Putin’s counteroffensive in the Donbas has “stalled” as Ukrainian forces are striking fear and mass panic amongst Russian commanders and troops.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the city of Kherson is gathering pace and Russian troops are surrendering “en masse.”

Social media post by Katerina said on her Twitter account, “I talked with a friend from Kherson.

“He wrote that the Russian military are surrendering en masse.

“The rest are fleeing from Kherson and the region, everyone wants to live.

“The mood is decadent, no one wants to die for Putin.”

A Russian military blogger, going by the name Moscow Calling, wrote, “They report about a small-arms battle, shots from tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

“This is not just somewhere, but in Kherson itself.”

The Kremlin have denied the reports that Ukraine has breached the front lines in Kherson and said that they have in fact “failed miserably.”

Moscow Calling added, “To believe the reports about the repulse of the counter-offensive is to believe the stories of the night of February 24 – ‘Kyiv is taken by anti-fascists, the air defence of Ukraine is destroyed, Kharkov is ours.’

“After all, the same people write, or rather, the same war rats.

“The real situation will be clear in weeks, if not months.”

“But somehow I don’t care anymore, the Russian Federation lost the war about five months ago.”

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