Home Business News Ukrainian special forces ‘deceived the entire Russian fleet’ in the Black Sea in a daring operation

Ukrainian special forces ‘deceived the entire Russian fleet’ in the Black Sea in a daring operation

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
16th Sep 23 3:21 pm

Last week Ukrainian special forces recaptured a number of drilling platforms near Crimea and after a “battle” which is a major victory against Russia.

Ukrainian military intelligence known as the GUR said that the four drilling platforms called “Syvash, Tavrida, Ukraina and Petro Godovalets” were recaptured in a “unique operation.”

A Russian Su-30 fighter jet was damaged by Ukrainian forces in the battle for Boika Towers, which Russia used to monitor movement of vessels in the Black Sea.

A Special Forces officer revealed some of the details of the operation in the Black Sea in an interview on Ukrainian television, he revealed, “We deceived the entire Russian fleet.”

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Ukraine’s special forces planned the operation for six weeks to recapture the Boika Towers which has now provided them with valuable intelligence over the technology Russia is using.

Among some of the assets seized was the Neva system which will be analysed for its hardware information and software and the towers also contained equipment used for reconaissance operations.

The officer said, “It has a lot of useful information that can give us some answers to our questions.

The special forces officer added, “We have severely restricted the Russians’ activity in the Black Sea, namely in the waters of Zmiinyi Island.

“We pushed them back to the shores of Crimea.”

Russia’s manoeuvrability in the region is now limited for any ambitions they have in the Black Sea.

The Boika Towers have proved vital for Russia to monitor vessels in the Black Sea after Vladimir Putin withdrew from the United Nations brokered grain deal.

On Telegram DIU said that Ukrainian special forces who conducted the operation took “a stockpile of helicopter munitions of the NAR (unguided aerial missiles) type, as well as the Neva radar, which can track the movement of ships in the Black Sea.

During one phase of this operation, a battle took place between Ukrainian special forces on boats and a Russian Su-30 fighter jet.

“As a result of the battle, the Russian aircraft was damaged and forced to retreat.”

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