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Former US special forces officer says Ukraine should have ‘every weapon they need to the battlefield’

by LLB staff reporter
1st Sep 22 2:53 pm

A former US special forces Captain has said that Ukraine should have “every weapon they need to overcome whatever Russia brings to the battlefield.”

Mykel Hawke who is a combat veteran said that Ukrainian forces have should their capability and competence and added that they have “been brave.”

Hawke said in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine, “In my opinion we need to give Ukraine every weapon they need to overcome whatever Russia brings to the battlefield.

“So if they bring choppers, if they bring planes, we need to give you anti aircraft and choppers and planes.

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“You have shown your capability, your competence, you’ve been brave. The whole world has watched this little country of Ukraine stand up against the giant of Russia and bring it to its knees.

“In order to end this war we need to give Ukraine every weapon that they need short of nukes to stop Putin’s criminal invasion of Ukraine.”

He said that Ukraine needs the most powerful weapons that the US can provide President Volodymyr Zelensky with so that they can end Putin’s war as soon as possible.

Hawke added, “The sooner we end this the sooner we stop the starvation of people around the world, we stop the fuel crisis, stop evil and we show the world that we will not tolerate this kind of evil.

“We need to give you the aircraft, the weaponry, the training, the support, because clearly, your people are competent and capable and great fighters.

“All they need are the tools and I do believe that our leaders need to give those tools to Ukraine, including aircraft. (and training).”

The retired special forces Captain is calling the White House to provide Ukraine with attack helicopters, fighter jets, support along with all anti-aircraft systems.

Hawke said, “By going to aircraft it will escalate the war. However we do know that Putin really hasn’t pulled those cards out of his deck yet to start using them.

“But he will, he is going to do everything he can before he accepts that he’s already failed and been defeated.

“That’s the main reason why we haven’t given aircraft, we’ve been worried about escalating it due to his threat of nukes, however he is going to bring the aircraft in and we should be giving you the fighter helicopters, the fighter planes, the support and all anti-aircraft we can give you so that they don’t get a chance to even get across your border before you take them down.”

He added, “People don’t know what to expect at the beginning. So at first we were very concerned about maybe we should not give too many weapons, it might escalate it too high.”

He continued that Russia has nuclear weapons and is constantly threatened the West and NATO with them.

He added, “Just because someone has a gun and they can hold it to your head doesn’t mean they’re right and we’ll give them that power.

“But the world is starting to realize that Putin has already threatened nukes, he’s already willing to cause potential nuclear disaster with the nuclear plant that they’ve taken over and tried to disconnect.

“So there are all these things which need to make the leaders of the world realize that he’s got nukes, yes, but so do we.

“If he’s going to threaten to blow up water and tsunami a people and a city that have nothing to do with the fight, it clearly shows Putin has no respect for humanity or international law.”

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