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Uber launches a new artificial intelligence lab

6th Dec 16 10:24 am

What’s next for Uber?

Uber has snapped up a New York- based artificial intelligence startup which it hopes will help progress its plans on creating driverless vehicles.

Uber will gain 15 specialist researchers which will form a new division at the company known as Uber AI Labs.

The team will have a wide brief, ranging from traffic predictions and even working towards the possibility of a future of flying cars.

The firm saw losses of $2bn (£1.6m) last year and that figure is likely to go up for 2016.

However, Uber’s chief product officer Jeff Holden, said the losses aren’t a cause of concern for the company.

He told the BBC: “We’re actually in very good shape,”

“Those sorts of things look bad from the outside.”

Uber wants to become a more efficient transport company; its AI team will be improving on the company’s ability to predict when and where cars are needed.

It wants to pick up the speed of rolling out its new driverless cars, these are currently being tested in Pittsburgh and San Francisco, the vehicles are made by Volvo.

These cars currently in testing have a person at the wheel ready to take control if its needed.

However, the aim is to remove these people driving, which will leave thousands of Uber drivers out of a job.

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