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Trademark row: L’Oreal may sue Scot soap company

22nd Sep 17 11:30 am

Here’s what happened

In a slippery trademark battle, beauty giant L’Oreal is threatening to sue a Scottish handmade soap making company over the right to the word ‘naked’.

The world’s largest cosmetics company has reportedly instructed a London-based law firm to refrain the Fife-based Naked Soap Company from using the word “naked” in their business name. The notice from cosmetic giant reads, “I confirm that I wish to file this notice of threatened opposition and that a copy should be sent to the Trade Mark applicant.” 

Unperturbed by the threat from the £88bn cosmetic giant, the Scot soap maker Gary Lee Rushforth said that it will be a David and Goliath battle which he is prepared to fight, “They are opposing the use of the word ‘naked’ but I don’t understand how they can trademark the word.”

“L’Oreal believe that they have the only rights to the term ‘Naked’ when it comes to personal care products… We know two other companies in the same boat.”

Calling the threat as a “big company bullying” tactic, Rushforth said his family is ready to fight it: “There are enough issues facing small businesses and Naked is here to stay.” He also confirmed they will hire a lawyer as soon as they receive a formal opposition.

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