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Top Tipples: Brit spritz

22nd May 17 12:50 pm

Have you had one of these?

With summer around the corner and blue skies beckoning, Arbër i Dardani, F&B Manager at ‘SMITHS’ of Smithfield, offers his favourite thirst-quencher, a Brit Spritz. It’s the perfect refresher after a hard-day in the office.

The Brit Spritz is our country’s version of the Italian classic, usually based on Aperol. On this occasion, it’s made with the very versatile Kamm & Sons, perfect for those sunny days for which we are long over-due!

If you haven’t tried this cheeky little ginseng-flavoured aperitif spirit over the last couple of years, you’re in for a real treat. It’s such an easy drink ‎to work with, you can pick up a bottle in any good off license or higher-end supermarket. Failing that, you can also buy it online, so there’s really no excuse. It works a treat over ice, mixed with bitter lemon, whiskey and even in a Bloody Mary (made with yellow tomato juice).

There are 45 natural botanicals in Kamm & Sons, including: a blend of herbs, spices, fruits, berries & even Manuka Honey. Created by mixologist Alex Kammerling around six years ago, I remember when I first tried it, I knew it would be something that would be well-used behind our bars.

Anyway, back to the Brit Spritz, it’s all very simple and you can make it at your next BBQ or dinner party pretty easily. All you’ll need is a large wine glass (250ml)…

30ml Kamm & Sons

15ml Elderflower cordial

100ml sparkling wine (Perhaps Nyetimber for an all-British affair)

1 slice of grapefruit

3 rounds of cucumber

Soda, to finish

  • In a large wine glass add 30ml Kamm & Sons, 15ml of elderflower cordial, the grapefruit and the cucumber.
  • Top up with the sparkling wine and Soda and stir.

n.b. equal parts are recommended, however it’s your party so find your own balance; just remember to drink responsibly.

For large numbers of guests, you could always scale up the quantities and make pitchers from which your guests can help themselves.

Alternatively, and here’s the plug, if you can’t be bothered to make this lovely beverage, you can always get one at ‘SMITHS’ of Smithfield either at our Cannon Street or Farringdon site.

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