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Top ten online casino software providers 2022

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13th Apr 22 11:01 am

If you want to create an eSports betting business, you’ll need high-quality eSports betting software. Here are the top options available.

Sports betting platforms are a fantastic way to enjoy a much-anticipated contest while also potentially profiting from it. To ensure that they function inside the world’s dimensions and needs, many sportsbook betting sites offer great offers and the most secure payment and cash-out options.

Below is a list of the top 10 most well-known and dependable sports betting software providers, all of them have years of expertise in the industry and offer a safe and profitable experience with cutting-edge features and superior technical support.

Having an online casino business: Benefits, risk and more

According to Casino.org, “World gambling statistics show that around 26% of the population gamble. That means around 1.6 billion people worldwide gamble and 4.2 billion gamble at least once every year. When it comes to online gambling and demographic statistics, a UK study concludes that 17% of the population gamble online, resulting in £5.3 billion revenue for the online market alone”.

This shows a promising future for the industry, in which starting an online casino business can signify a great investment that can secure a generous profit. With the right software and some effort on the side of having a proper customer service and marketing approach, one is assured of great success.

Of course, not everything is easy when having an online casino business, thus there are some risks worth mentioning. To begin, having functional casino software is a bit expensive, and the fact that you need to constantly check everything is working as it should and working non-stop to promote your business and attract investors, the job can become a bit difficult. But in terms of investment risks, you only need proper software, nothing else, so if you have a little money you want to put into work then consider having an online casino business.

Top ten online casino software providers

1. EveryMatrix

EveryMatrix stands as one of the best and most-chosen iGaming software providers in the market, with significant service and revenue assured by those looking to start an online casino business. Further, they offer sports betting as well, always prioritising delivering excellent affiliate management and payment services to clients and investors to ensure a unique experience.

The platform is very compliant and highly customisable, where operators can choose the best solution for their project according to their budget and needs. EveryMatrix is a member of the World Lottery Association, European Lotteries Association, and iDEA Growth in the United States, among other organisations, so investing in it is completely safe and regulated.

2. BetConstruct

Players can wager on more than 12.000 unique live events per month, over 5.000 pre-match events, and more than 12 major championships using BetConstruct’s eSports betting platform.

Because of its amazing functionality and attractive design, this software is extensively used around the world. It features high-quality streams and professional risk management. BetConstruct’s eSports betting solution is rapidly making a statement in the industry, with three different cash-out types: partial, full, and auto, as well as various bonus types like free bets, accumulator bonus, wagering bonus, profit boost, and several odds formats like decimal, fractional, American, Hong Kong, and Malay.

3. Playtech

Playtech’s eSport betting solutions offer the first-of-its-kind selection of fully simulated sports, ensuring the most diverse player experience conceivable. Owners can utilise Playtech’s software to create a custom user interface for betting on eSports events, user account integration, transaction processing, and related management.

They offer a comprehensive range of betting markets with low hardware setup costs, which is ideal for start-ups, and the solution is available across all channels including online, mobile, and retail. Featuring localised language and commentary options, with statistics available for the team, player, and runners across all sports, Playtech can deliver bespoke solutions to suit customer needs.

4. Sbtech

Sbtech’s eSports solutions provide a diverse selection of casino, live casino, and eSports games in over 20 licensed markets, with over 100 payment options. Sbtech is a powerful contender in the eSports betting market because it provides a wide range of the world’s main payment methods and aggregators with localised alternatives.

Owners may use their integrated, real-time analytical platform supplied by different data sources to create, alter, and drill down more than 500 KPIs to answer all types of operational queries. Buyers can also manage their players with real-time involvement via SBTech Chat and automatic multi-channel notifications.

5. Digitain

Digitain is a well-known software supplier that offers eSports solutions that are versatile, modular, and customised. Their award-winning eSports software is included in their award-winning general sportsbook platform, but it is also available to partners as a standalone, fully-functional gaming vertical that is accessible across all channels.

Digitain provides the most comprehensive and reliable eSports betting solutions, with over 17.000 monthly live events, over 30 games, and over 1.000 tournaments, allowing businesses to prosper and players to earn money.

6. BtoBet

BtoBet provides a superior solution for your betting business, including a top-class back office with business management tools and real-time reporting, a complete and full-time support channel to solve any issue regarding players’ interaction across many devices, and a unique and customisable interface.

With profitable focuses on different continents, BtoBet is highly experienced in ensuring success and profitable results. Further, an innovative SMS option for emerging markets where the internet is costly. This is a unique trait BtoBet develops thus it means it cares for including all resources and possibilities available.

7. Exio.tech

Exio.tech is your Bitcoin casino software solution that you should take a look at if you’re planning to launch a unique online betting business. The market for crypto casinos is growing at a fast speed, and the demand from users is huge, which is why Exio.tech can help you create a special and highly functional solution.

With a one-of-a-kind approach and the latest tools available, this company offers top-quality software solutions for all your online casino needs. There are three types of crypto online games highly in demand today, crypto casinos, crypto betting, and crypto poker. Every bitcoin casino solution made by Exio.tech is built on the blockchain and provides a gaming environment that can be proven to be fair. It is accomplished through the use of algorithms and smart contracts to generate random numbers.

8. Gammastack

Gammastack is a user-friendly and transparent platform that provides fully configurable solutions for all types of businesses. Gammastack is one of the best sportsbook providers, with high-risk management systems that inform users when they’ve reached their pre-defined betting limit, as well as dependable third-party solutions.

This organisation is fast-growing and boosting the profits of its consumers by offering the finest odds market and many bet types.

9. Betradar

Betradar is a top-tier global betting platform that offers wagers on more than 70 sports, virtual sports, and eSports. Betradar is a high-quality operating platform that provides in-depth data analysis and over 65,000 live matches with live streaming.

One of its most criticised elements is its extremely expensive bet program for bettors, which limits consumers’ ability to use the platform, but Betradar is one of the greatest sportsbook systems on the market. However, it falls short in terms of accessibility and betting rates when compared to others.

10. Pinnacle

Pinnacle, one of the most well-known sports betting software suppliers, has over 20 years of experience in the field and gives results for 45 major sports and events. This company focuses solely on eSports and does not offer any promotions, as well as the ability to combine live bets and live stream parts. It does, however, accept several currencies and up to 13 different language choices, allowing users to customise their experience completely.

Pinnacle is a high-quality sportsbook that pays winners and encourages consumers to return to the site for more chances to win.

Top online betting software providers wrap up

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the eSports betting industry has grown at a breakneck pace, reaching practically every continent. This nearly billion-dollar sector offers individuals a simple platform and procedure for placing bets on their favorite eSports and games, with high-profit margins and a slew of remarkable features like risk management, customisable bets, high-quality visuals, and more.

When it comes to sports betting software providers, there are a few things to keep in mind before going with the first one you come across: the more popular sports betting software becomes, the higher the demand and requirements from consumers will become. It’s critical to invest in reputable sports betting software that has popular features that today’s customers expect, such as pre-match and live betting, bet variety, and customisation, different sports covered, and risk management, to name a few.

For those new to the sector, choosing one dependable and profitable sports betting software might be a bit stressful, but happily, there are many wonderful solutions to select from in order to enjoy any game while increasing their money.


Please play responsibly. For more information and advice visit www.begambleaware.org

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