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Top six long term health benefits of Invisalign braces

by John Saunders
15th Mar 22 3:03 pm

Invisalign is a different orthodontic device from traditional ones, without using brackets or metal wires, this method consists of removable and practically invisible braces, allowing you to align your teeth in a much more discreet way.

1. Discreet and imperceptible

Many patients reject the metal braces because of the aesthetics it presents during treatment. As per London’s top Invisalign braces provider, Invisalign aligners are practically invisible and comes in the shape of your dental arch. So people don’t even notice that the patient is using it, making it unnoticeable. For this reason, the invisible braces became famous for treatments of actors and singers who end up displaying an impeccable smile throughout the treatment.

2. Comfortable

Another very important factor that patients take into consideration is comfort. Invisalign does not use metal parts or wires like lingual braces that contribute to irritation and canker sores in the mouth. The technique used to move the teeth through the invisible braces promotes a gradual alignment, achieving good results and at the same time offering greater comfort to the patient. In addition, invisalign is considered comfortable because it has rounded corners. In this way, the patient can continue performing all the activities that he did previously without any kind of restriction

3. Ease of oral hygiene

The fact that Invisalign is easily removable, interferes with the practicality to perform daily cleaning. It allows an efficient maintenance of oral hygiene, since by removing the aligners with ease, brushing and flossing can be carried out without any problem and without the need to adapt dental floss in brackets.

4. Practicality

In addition to being practically invisible because they are made of transparent material, Invisalign are also removable, allowing for great convenience, so you can eat and drink whatever you want during orthodontic treatment, in addition to being able to go to parties, events and meetings “without the braces”, or rather, without interfering with your personal or professional life.

5. Improves self-esteem

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign helps to raise self-esteem, as it allows orthodontic treatment without disturbing the aesthetics of the face and causing discomfort, since there is no need for braces. The use of the invisible orthodontic braces contributes to bring more confidence, without interfering with your personal or professional life, after all, in most cases, people do not even realise that you are using it. This is a reason, Invisalign is very popular among adults and working professionals.

6. Tailor-made

Invisalign is a personalised braces, that is, it is made based on the patient’s mouth mold. In this way, the invisible braces plates fit perfectly in the mouth, with less risk of abrasion. In addition, the duration of treatment done with Invisalign is usually much shorter than with conventional orthodontic treatment, but bringing the same results.

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