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Top challenges faced by real estate business owners

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23rd Apr 20 5:16 pm

Investing in real estate seems like a safe method to get out of the corporate world and earn an income without being tied to a 9-to-5 job. A real estate business can take many forms. Some people buy properties, renovate them to increase their market value and then resell or rent them. Others prefer to buy a new property and rent it as soon as possible.

Receiving large payments without putting in the typical 40 hours per week sounds enticing, but many subtle aspects make this venture more difficult than it seems. Here are the main challenges you might have to face as a real estate business owner.

Keeping up with maintenance

At first glance, houses and buildings are a secure investment because they’re physical assets. However, they tend to depreciate with time and require regular repair and renovation. On the outside, they’re exposed to natural elements such as snow, rain, wind or humidity. Although this damage is usually gradual, there are natural events such as storms and lightning that can cause destruction quickly. If you need help covering this overhead cost, consider auto title loans.

The tenants can present big risks to the integrity of the property too. Expenses can occur regularly if your tenants are not mindful about how they use the space and its assets. Replacing a window or a door is not only expensive but has to be done quickly. All these maintenance and repair issues are less stressing if you have good insurance, but they’re still highly inconvenient.

Handling vacancy issues

In times of financial struggles, the real estate market is one of the first areas to suffer a significant impact. Companies give up their rent on office space, people who lose their jobs move to cheaper housing, and stores close up. This means that there’s a huge increase in the number of vacant properties all of a sudden.

As a real estate business owner, vacant properties present a whole set of challenges. Besides water or electricity damage, theft and vandalism are also serious concerns. Having insurance is crucial, but you also have to stay informed on legislation to know how to act in any scenario. When does vandalism become a felony? Does your insurance cover any case of theft? Signs of vandalism and theft might also deter people from renting or buying your property due to fear of crime in the community.

Managing administrative responsibilities

As a real estate business owner who rents commercial or residential properties, you have a range of administrative responsibilities that can take a lot of your time. This includes receiving weekly or monthly payments from tenants, paying taxes, bills, mortgage or loans, if that’s the case.

Although this process seems fairly simple, it can turn into a nightmare if your tenants are unreliable and miss the due date on rent. If the rent covers utilities, you have to pay all bills personally. If the tenants have to pay the bills themselves, you have to check on them regularly to make sure they don’t miss a payment.

A real estate business does not mean easy profit. Its success is also dependent on the social, political and economical climate so even when you do things right, there are external factors that can undermine all your efforts. The best strategy to minimize risks is to stay informed on the most likely scenarios you’ll have to face and have some backup plans for moving forward.

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