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Top 10 most annoying use of office jargon

by LLB Reporter
26th Jul 17 11:02 am

What are they

According to a survey of 2,000 people by recruitment site Glassdoor over use of jargon and certain office ‘buzzwords’ makes the work place a minefield.

Here’s the top 10 that annoy people the most:

1. Touch base – 24 per cent

To meet in person or to talk about a specific issue

2. Blue sky thinking – 21 per cent

Creative thinking not grounded in reality

3. We’re on a journey -13 per cent

A company, team or project has not yet reached its mission or objective

4. Game changer – 13 per cent

Something that significantly changes the way of thinking or doing things.

5. No-brainer – 13 per cent

Claiming that something is an irrefutably good idea

6. Thought shower – 11 per cent

A meeting to share ideas, often without considering practical limitations

7. Run it up the flagpole 11 per cent

To present or trial an idea to see if it gets a favourable reaction

8. If you don’t like it, get off the bus – 10 per cent

Suggesting that a someone should leave a company if they are unhappy

9. Mission statement – 10 per cent

A statement of values and motivations in respect of a company and its activities

10. Pick it up and run with it – 10 per cent

Continuing something someone else has started but not finished

Other unpopular sayings include ‘punch a puppy’ which is to do something horrible for the greater good and ‘let’s get our ducks in a row’, aligning a team or multiple parties in preparation for an event or discussion.

Interestingly the words ‘stakeholder’, ‘paradigm shift’ and ‘roadmap’ were picked by only five per cent or less of people questioned, suggesting that these may just be run of the mill office sayings these days.

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