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Tips to reuse old tyres: Check out how to reuse tyres

by John Saunders
20th Jul 22 10:06 am

Reusing tyres is a great way to reduce the number of tyres you need before they landfill. When it comes to recycling your old tyres and grabbing some new areas, there are several steps to take it up in cleaning.

What’s the best way to reuse tyres?

When it comes to wasting not, we all know that recycling materials is a great way to reduce the amount of waste produced in our world. And what could be more wasteful than throwing away old tyres? In this article, we’ll be discussing the best ways to reuse tyres so that you can help lower your carbon footprint.

The best way to reuse tyres is to take them to a local scrap yard or tire recycling plant. When you take your old tyres to a scrap yard, they will shred them into very small pieces and sell the material as industrial shredding. This means that the small pieces of tyre can be used in many different ways, including for things like insulation and automotive parts.

Another option for reusing old tyres is to take them to a tire recycling plant. Tire recycling plants will crush the tyres and use the material for things like rubber granules, tire shells, and even fuel pellets. Again, these various products can be used in many different ways, including for things like insulation and automotive parts.

Overall, there are many different ways to reuse old tyres; it just depends on what you’re looking for and where you can find it.

Reusing old tyres pros and cons


  • Using old tyres can be a cheaper option than buying new tyres.
  • Old tyres are often in better condition than new tyres, meaning they will usually travel further and grip better on the road.
  • Reusing old tyres can help reduce pollution and help save energy.
  • By recycling old tyres, people are helping to create jobs and increase economic stability.
  • Reusing old tyres can help preserve natural resources, such as rubber and metal.


  • Reusing old tyres can be a time-consuming process, and may not always be feasible or practical for all users.
  • Old tyres may not be suitable for all types of terrain, so care should be taken when using them on roads or bike paths.
  • If repaired or replaced with used tyres, there is a chance that the tyre’s safety rating could be reduced.
  • Reusing old tyres may cause them to wear more quickly than new tyres, so it is important to ensure they are properly maintained.

How to reuse old tyres

There are a variety of ways in which old tyres can be reused, both for the environment and for your own personal needs. Whether you’re looking to refurbish them, repair them or simply use them up before they go to waste, here are some tips on how to reuse old tyres:

1. Recycle them

If your tyres are still usable, there’s a good chance that others would also be interested in buying them from you. Recycling organisations will usually pay top dollar for tyres and other recycled materials, so it’s definitely worth considering this option if you have any spare tyres laying around.

2. Repurpose them

If your tyres aren’t wanted nor recycled, there are still a number of interesting projects that can be completed using old tyres as the base. For example, building a deck out of tyre scraps is an easy way to add colorful and stylish visuals to your garden or yard, while using up otherwise useless objects in the process.

3. Use them as insulation

Tired of piling up hefty blankets every winter only to have them ruined within days due to heavy rain? Then consider using old tyres as insulation instead – they’ll act as an effective barrier for the warm damp air, preventing it from seeping into your walls and leaving you constantly cold.

4. Make a vehicle seat

If you don’t happen to have a whole new set of tyres going spare just lying around your house, consider making use of those old ones yourself instead by fortuitously turning them into seats for your next trip – they’re sturdy enough to support your weight, while also looking sharp in their raw form.

Some tips on using reused tyres

You can use recycled tyres on your car as long as the tyre size is compatible. Some makers of tyres have become very conscientious about determining the compatibility of recycled waste material with their products.

When you do this yourself, however, please wear protective gloves and clean up any spillage afterwards. Old tyres with a load capacity much higher than the original tyre will really help to cut down on wear! Just be sure to check age requirements on the use of recycled tyres.

Tires could be considerably more expensive when not new, so it makes sense to get them right the first time. Isohyet make a good alternative to used tyres; they are made from non-recyclable corrugated iron – an eco-friendly product that serves as both recycling container and a tyre rim in one. Hiring proper waste clearance company like https://www.rubbishremoval.london/ will ensure the safe disposal of old tires.


Reusing old tyres is a great way to reduce waste and help the environment. Not only are old tyres environmentally friendly, but they can also save you money in the long run. By using old tyres for instead of buying new ones, you will be reducing your carbon footprint as well as your expense.

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