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Three ideas to fund that thing you need right now

by John Saunders
13th Mar 20 1:08 pm

We all know that we need money to survive in the modern world. This is why we work and save and look for ways to boost our income. But despite our best efforts, sometimes we find ourselves completely blindsided by an immediate need for cash which we just don’t have.

Reasons for this can span from covering speeding fines to home repairs and even medical requirements. It can be a stressful and unnerving time, knowing you need cash, but not knowing where to get it from.

In this article, we cover 3 ways to quickly get the cash you need RIGHT NOW.

Sell stuff

Unless we are living an incredibly conscious and minimalist lifestyle, you likely have quite a few things lying around your home that you don’t really need, don’t use or simply don’t want.

One easy way to quickly raise cash is to sell some of these items. This can be done easily on websites like eBay, Gumtree and Facebook marketplace. eBay is often the better option to generate better profit, although you should be aware of the associated fees and postage costs which can make profits lower.

You don’t just need to sell your old stuff to make cash on these sites. If you have good knowledge about a particular product you could buy cheap stock and sell it on these sites at a profit. One smart way to do this is to buy products from Facebook marketplace locally and sell them for more on a site like eBay for more money.

The gig economy

The gig economy is becoming an increasingly popular way to earn a living but can also be used to earn extra cash when you need it.

A whole host of professional skills can be sold from digital marketing and content writing to accountancy and graphic design. Sites like Fiverr and People Per Hour can be a good way to sell these sorts of services. However, they tend to be better suited to those who have the time to build their reviews and reputation in order to generate trust. They are also subject to some pretty lofty fees which can eat a lot of your cash.

So, for quick cash doing work for friends and family can be a better option. If they own businesses, the above services could work, but it could also include anything from cleaning cars to running errands. Anything you can think of that you don’t usually like doing can be a good money maker when you offer to do it for other people.

Quick work

Traditional types of work can also be a good way to make quick cash when you really need it. Going for more professional and established jobs usually takes a long time with multiple interviews and sometimes even having to work two months before getting paid.

But there are jobs that can be quick to secure and can payout very quickly. This could include anything from being a takeaway delivery driver to part-time work as a chef or making coffees at a coffee shop. As many of these jobs can have a fast turnover of staff, employees in these areas tend to be keen to quickly get someone in place.

Larger businesses, especially those with large offices also offer an opportunity to those who are willing to take a risk. Why not approach the business and be transparent about the fact that you need to make some cash fast? Be clear about how much you need to earn and offer to do anything from making tea to filing paperwork or cleaning to earn that cash.

Hack: Pay now, Earn after

All the ideas we have outlined in this article are a great way to earn cash quickly. However, all of them involve some effort and short lead times before you physically see the cash. Once you have a plan of how you will raise the actual cash, you could take an advance on your earnings by selecting one of the short-term loans from Instant Lolly. This will allow you to pay off your requirement immediately, allowing you to focus on then earning the cash.

Sometimes we can’t plan when we need cash in the bank. Life has a habit of springing unplanned costs on us when we least expect it. Using these tips will help you unlock cash quickly when you need it. By taking out a short-term loan, you can cover the immediate expense to ensure it doesn’t continue to cost you and then fulfil that debt with the money earned from these ideas.

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