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Three affordable ways to improve your work-life balance

by John Saunders
27th Jun 19 3:10 pm

Work-life balance is one of those terms that is always used aspirationally. Most working people do not have enough time or energy to attend to keeping their lifestyle healthy. It can also be somewhat expensive, with gym contracts, for example, even making it costly to exercise.

However, there are some savvy solutions designed to help you with that elusive work-life balance. Try the following affordable ways to live a more satisfying daily life.

Meal kits

Meal kit delivery services are becoming all the more popular, as you can see with these Home Chef review. The idea is simple but brilliant. You subscribe to the service, choosing your particular dietary preferences. Then, each day (or however often you choose) you receive a meal kit with all the ingredients necessary to make a healthy dinner. Instead of a microwave meal or takeout, you get to eat a healthy and affordable meal that you yourself made. All without spending hours shopping for and preparing the ingredients.

What is great about meal kits like Home Chef is that they take care of something that is so often a stressor throughout the day – what am I going to eat tonight? It is especially helpful when you have a partner or kids who you need to feed. You can forget the stress, and because the meals are sized appropriately, you don’t end up spending on food that will only be wasted.

Home exercise apps

Meal kits deal with diet, which is a major part of a healthy work-life balance. Another aspect that almost all of us are trying to improve is our exercise regime. We all know we should exercise more, but gym contracts are expensive, working out is time-consuming, and at the end of the day it is hard to motivate yourself to spend an hour or more of your time on it.

However, with an app like Sworkit, you can solve all of these problems. Sworkit is a free app (with a very affordable premium subscription tier) that provides balanced, effective workouts you can do at home. The best part? These workouts can be as short as 5 minutes.

The most useful workout programs they offer require a fifteen minute commitment each day. They provide a range of 30 second exercises, with short breaks in between. There are some options which require elementary equipment like exercise bands which are affordable and easy to find.

One-mindful activities

Finally, one of the most basic ways to improve work-life balance is to change the way you do things after work. Maybe you come home and relax in front of the television. Maybe you enjoy listening to music. Maybe you spend time chatting with your partner and kids.

The problem is that today most of us do these things with our phone in hand. We feel like we need to keep an eye out for any texts or emails, but since the workday is over, we really don’t. Even activities like watching television become more satisfying when you’re not looking at your phone at the same time. Your experience listening to music changes when it is all you are doing. And, needless to say, it is far healthier to spend time with your loved ones without your phone distracting you.

This is called doing something one-mindfully. You are not just doing the activity, but you are aware of what you are doing. You’ll be amazed by how significantly this simple principle affects your sense of balance.

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