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Things you should know before picking an insurance plan for employees

15th May 18 2:35 pm

Make realistic choices!

What’s worse than getting sick? It’s exhausting your fortune on the treatment. Health insurance is supposed to keep both of this from happening, but that’s not the case. You need to consider a few things while picking an insurance plan for yourself, and especially for your workforce.

Following, we are highlighting a few things you should mind while picking a plan:

Stuff to consider

Before you pay a dime, you need to consider the health benefits for your employees. Consulting with a few companies can help you. A consultant can help and asses important facts to evaluate important points such as:

How much can you afford to pay?

Does your employee qualify for such benefits?

Which Health Network would be the best for you?                    

How much your employees will pay for premium and deductible?

What is the percentage of employees that require Health Insurance?

Is there any financial incentive such as tax benefits or other options?

What flexibility can you offer your employees or how much they want?

Learn your options

Business owners usually have three options when it comes to employee health insurance. Get a group health insurance, shop for a group plan on a health insurance exchange and join an employer organization. The best option for your business is deduced by following factors:

Number of employees

Current Health of Workforce

Salary range

The flexibility your employees want

 In most cases, a business owner has to buy a group health package for their workforce, and therefore they believe spending more money pays off.  But little they know they can negotiate options, especially if they operate a smaller business. 

If your employees are in good shape, or your company offers an incentive, this can help to lower the premium. Get a consultant to review your company info and negotiate a better deal.

What it covers?

Low premiums shouldn’t make or break your deal.  Don’t just look at the premium and compare different options. You need to consider what sort of coverage you use and how much it will cost you by the end of every year.

For instance, if you expect high health care costs like surgery or stuff, but you can opt for a plan with low deductible even if your premium is a bit higher.  Get more information about your options

Why you need a high deductible plan?

If you prefer health insurance over increment, then you have to decide on different health plans. Is your workforce healthy, and there are no chronic health issues? If yes, then you will be better off with a high deductible plan.

These plans offer a low premium with a high deductible, and your workforce will be responsible for paying full deductible before the coverage. It’s crucial you evaluate whether your employees can afford such deductibles or not.

Try shopping at a Small Business Marketplace.  They offer convenient options which are more affordable than private group insurances.  Having a consultant can help you navigate the best options, but you must make sure your business is eligible for these plans. Make realistic choices!

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