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They’re back: XR plan to hold daily protests and be ‘more disruptive than ever’ throughout April

by LLB Reporter
1st Apr 22 4:12 pm

Extinction Rebellion have announced on Friday that they will carry out “mass daily protests” throughout April and vow to be “more disruptive than ever.”

The environmental group will start huge protests in London from 9 April and will meet every day at Hyde Park.

Extinction Rebellion’s spokesman Andrew Smith said, “From Saturday April 9 we will meet at 10am in Hyde Park every day.

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“We will be easy to find, we will be easy to join, we will be more disruptive than ever, and we will be impossible to ignore.

“We’re expecting huge numbers from the 9th. In London we won’t have pink boats, we won’t have pink tables, we will just have people power.

“In the tradition of non-violent civil disobedience, we will disrupt business as usual until the Government and big business make change. We need everyone to join us.”

Smith added that Extinction Rebellion’s protests this month are “more mass participation-style events, rather than small kind of scattergun actions which rebellions have previously consisted of.”

He continued, “We’re looking at mass participation, which are easy to join. We’re asking the public to step up and join us.

“We know at the moment that across the country, people are feeling kind of disenfranchised with how they’ve been treated by the Government.

“The energy crisis is really starting to hit home on people, and people really want us to step up into a space where their voice is heard.

“We’re offering them the space where they can come and participate and join with us.”

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