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Insulate Britain are ‘irresponsible crusties’ and are causing ‘considerable damage to the economy’

by LLB political Reporter
5th Oct 21 10:28 am

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said Insulate Britain activists are “irresponsible crusties” and are “not” legitimate protestors who are causing “considerable damage to the economy.”

The Prime Minister’s father, Stanley Johnson who is an environment campaigner and an international ambassador for the Tory party Environment Network has also hit out at their protests.

Stanley told Sky News that Insulate Britain’s actions are not helping their cause and they are “antagonising ordinary people.”

Stanley told Sky News that, “Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain are making a mistake if they think antagonising ordinary people is going to help the cause.”

He added, “It is not a good idea, it needs to stop, whether it needs to stop by legal means, Kit Malthouse or whatever I do not know, but I am simply saying as a matter of practical politics those who lead Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain need to realise that this is not actually going to advance the cause they are seeking to support.”

The Policing Minister Kit Malthouse told Sky News that Insulate Britain have “crossed the line” of peaceful protests.

Malthouse said, “While we obviously all value the right to protest, there is a difference between causing disruption and causing damage.

“We believe that these protesters and some of the others that we have seen in the last couple of years have crossed the line between exercising their right but also their responsibility towards the rest of us and something needs to be done.”

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