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These are the five best business books of the year

11th Feb 15 11:37 am

Bookworms and self-educaters, listen up. Or, rather, read up.

The Chartered Management Institute has named the six best management books of the year.

The list is below, with a brief blurb from

The Management Book of the Year winners are…


Not Knowing, Steven D’Souza and Diana Renner

Book 1

Winner: The Commuter’s Read category and Overall Winners:

“In order to thrive in these worrying times, this fascinating book proposes we head, uncomfortably, towards the unknown, rather than away from it. By developing a unique relationship with Not Knowing we discover a new way of living, working and succeeding in our modern world. This book re-frames the concept of Not Knowing, from being in a fearful place of weakness and ignorance, moving to something we must engage with personally.”

Published by LID Publishing Ltd


Customer Innovation, Marion Debruyne

book 2

Winner: Innovation and Entrepreneurship category

“A new set of organisations have combined customer centricity with innovative power, and they have created an outside-in approach to the market. They are not driven by what they’re good at. They start with the market and design their strategy around it, which enables them to be ahead of the curve in discovering new market opportunities and develop new products and services faster than ever before.”

Published by Kogan Page


The Key, Lynda Gratton

Book on management

Winner: Management Futures category

“Never before have corporations been so large, so wealthy, so powerful, and so rich in human creativity and endeavor. Organisational change expert Professor Lynda Gratton shows that it is now critical that these corporations step up to play a more positive role in the world by building inner resilience, actively anchoring themselves in their communities and supply chains, and leveraging their unique capabilities to address complex global challenges such as climate change and youth unemployment.”

Published by McGraw Hill Education


The Little Book of {Big} Management Theories, James McGrath and Bob Bates


Winner: Practical Manager category

“89 management theories from the world’s best management thinkers – the fast, focussed and express route to success. As a busy manager, you need solutions to everyday work problems fast. The Little Book of Big Management Theoriesgives you access to the very best theories and models that every manager should know and be able to use.”

Published by Pearson


Organizations and Management in Cross-Cultural Context, Zeynep Aycan, Rabindra N Kanungo and Manuel Mendonça

Management book

Winner: Management and Leadership Textbook category

“Chapters present the fundamental theoretical approaches in all key areas including leadership, ethics and change, and then explore them in the context of culture and cross-cultural management. Encourages self-reflection and critical appraisal through a series of questions and scenarios designed to get you thinking like a manager working with an international team.”

Published by Sage Publications




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