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The secret shadow-ban on CBD advertisements

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17th Oct 19 1:00 pm

Please note the following data has been reported using US metrics as comprehensive data from the UK market is not yet available. The CBD buzz has infiltrated many huge industries such as cosmetics, food & beverages and sports supplements with CBD oil products making up 44% of sales in the market.

Growing at a phenomenal rate, the USA CBD sales forecast by 2024 stands at a whopping $10 billion, a huge rise from just £357 Million in 2017. Despite this parabolic increase the powers that be make it ever harder to advertise and promote CBD oil and CBD products across the usual platforms.

The usual outlets claim this a result of strict security and an active effort to protect customers, however there have been thousands of complaints from instagram and Facebook users becoming victims of counterfeit goods, Ponzi schemes and outright theft from advertisements that slip through the net of facebook groups so called strict advertising policy.

Social media and CBD

CBD companies are also amongst the long line of frustrated Facebook and Instagram users, also victims of unfair and improper treatment from the social media giants and it seems nothing is being done about the growing problem.

To add to the chaos it seems Instagram (which belongs to the Facebook group) picks and chooses which CBD brands they want to promote and which they want to axe. The @Purephyto page was recently taken down by Instagram for apparently violating the instagram user policy and at the time of writing this article – 19 days later, nothing has been done about it.

Other CBD businesses however – some with fake followers, likes and ridiculous medical claims, seem to have been given the famous blue tick stamp of approval; the much desired instagram verification badge which in the social media world separates the boys from the men.

Instagram verification badges instil customer confidence in brands, and metrics show brands with verification badges are a whopping 24% more likely to convert sales than brands without, in new industries such as the CBD market where a first time customer of a new product is likely to remain a return customer of the brand this is a huge conversion.

Scores of honest companies have fallen to a similar fate, which could be crushing for small businesses, especially those which rely on Instagram for the majority of their traffic. Facebooks extremely elusive customer support department makes it very hard for complaints to be heard, let alone fixed, perhaps a result of the ever evolving tech world, where human interaction and service becomes less and less implemented.

Purephyto CBD products

Due to the nature of Purephyto products being hemp based, we are unable to advertise on major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Therefore, we count on our wonderful clients to spread the word about the amazing benefits of our CBD products!

We would greatly appreciate and benefit from any reviews or pictures you post on social media platforms, as well as any recommendations you give to friends and family about Purephyto. Customers may also receive an email from independent third party review service Trustpilot, we would welcome your honest review about our service, delivery and product quality!

Purephyto products are not intended for medical use and are marketed as food supplements. Purephyto blogs are researched and written by third party contractors, Purephyto do not accept liability in any suggestions blog posts may imply, such as but not limited to dosages, uses, medicinal value (if any). Purephyto blogs are written for information purposes only by advocates of plant based remedies, due diligence has been taken in analysing accuracy of information within these blogs. Please contact a medical practitioner if you need medical advice.

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