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The iGaming industry: A booming economic opportunity in 2023 and beyond

by Sarah Dunsby
1st Mar 23 1:32 pm

You might not know, but Acumen Research and Consulting analysts are sure that by 2030 the iGaming market will surprise us with a record figure of $172 billion. And this should have a positive impact on the economy around the world, as well as improve the position of those countries that officially allow gambling.

Well, let’s see in this article why the iGaming industry is expanding so actively and to penetrate deeper and deeper into the modern structure of the world.

Impact of the pandemic on iGaming

The growth in demand for online gambling was influenced by several obvious factors – the development of technology, the popularisation of mobile games, the growth in the welfare of citizens in many countries, etc. However, the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions on social contacts have played an unexpectedly important role in the growth of the iGaming industry over the past couple of years.

Isolation and the desire to distract from boredom have played a decisive role in increasing the number of users of online casinos like https://www.ignitioncasino.eu/casino and their activity on gambling sites. Thus, millions have regained the opportunity to brighten up their leisure time without the chance to go to a cafe, a nightclub, or spend an evening with friends. Not to mention that gambling can also bring other benefits to players.

Extra revenue will be generated via winnings

When an online casino user wins, the whole country’s economy wins with him since taxes on the prizes paid out can significantly increase the state budget revenues. And the more liberal the country’s legislation is in this regard, the more gambling sites are on its market, which can indirectly generate tax profits.

The example of the United States, where gambling is allowed in almost every state, is a prime example of the effectiveness of this approach in boosting economic growth.

More revenue from taxes

However, taxable winnings are far from the only, or even the primary, way of replenishing the state treasury at the expense of the iGaming industry. The more promising the market is for online casino operators, the more they want to enter it to start earning.

Any country can use this to its advantage, profiting from its income. Given a prudent tax policy and active growth of this economy sector, the cash receipts it generates for the state budget can be more than significant for any economy in the world, including the United States or China. New jobs will boost the overall U.S. economy.

In addition to the growth of government revenues through effective taxation, the iGaming industry can stimulate them thanks to the new jobs it creates. Increasing the population’s purchasing power leads to a general strengthening of the economy and improves the region’s financial stability.

Bigger financial markets

The real prospects of iGaming and growth in a single country lead to raising investment capital, whereby new innovative products are created. All of this improves the economic activity of residents of this country.

We talk about bank deposits that later will be used to replenish the account. And also it concerns the creation of various digital infrastructures: sites with reviews of online casinos or fintech startups. All this leads to a positive, namely, the appearance of new jobs and increased tax deductions to the budget. This is how a wave reaction is formed that can benefit the economy of an entire state.

Increased consumer spending

The growing popularity of online games for money makes it possible to cover an increasing number of people unfamiliar with this entertainment area. As a result, the volume of the gambling market is growing, hence the increase in its profitability for the state. As a result, this also stimulates regional and global economic growth by increasing the state’s financial capabilities in international markets.

Attracting new businesses

Another important factor that has a positive economic impact is the attraction of new companies to the iGaming industry. The potential of this market leads to serious investments and hence the further growth and prosperity of online gambling. The increase in the industry’s technology also stimulates further development and increases the number of jobs provided. As a result, a highly competitive environment creates a lot of favorable opportunities both for individuals and for the economy as a whole.

iGaming boom could help improve tourism

Despite the fact that Las Vegas is still the main gambling capital not only in the United States but throughout the world, the emergence of online versions of casinos from other countries and regions increases their recognition and, accordingly, the number of visitors.

Thanks to this, the number of land-based casinos is growing every year, becoming increasingly popular among tourists. This allows them to get a piece of the pie, which until recently was enjoyed mainly by gambling establishments in Las Vegas.


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