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The growing impact of social media on sports

30th Jan 18 2:10 pm

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Elite athletes on social media – isn’t that the wet dream of every sponsor? To have your gal or guy uploading pictures for millions around the world to marvel at, comment on and share, with your logo promptly displayed, isn’t that just fabulous?

The answer to both questions is: Hell, yes!

An insightful collection of facts found at BettingSites shows how, in many ways, social media have become the post-match venues where fans can share their joy, express their frustration or, indeed, start a mighty keyboard war. Sports stars and clubs attract millions of passionate followers, who willingly spend hours trying to prove to complete strangers the erroneousness of their ways.

Whether this is an exercise in futility or true devotion is a hard to tell.

One thing is certain, though. When this passion is combined with the terrific exposure and global reach of the social media, all parties benefit. The fans get the chance to talk with their favorite athletes, to feel that they are humans as well. In turn, sports stars have direct means of communication and can speak freely, while the endorsing brands get yet another marketing channel.

Check out below the mesmerizing numbers that shape this multilateral dynamic interaction and find out who really is more popular: Messi or Ronaldo.

The growing impact of social media on sports bettingsites.me.uk


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