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The best floral trends for 2019

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14th Oct 19 4:05 pm

How do you attract new customers and increase your flower sales? Have adequate information on the latest flower trends! Customers preferences change in colour, style and flower type and new trends come up, so knowing what’s trending can be a challenge. If you live in London, here are some tips on how you can make sound decision on which flowers and styles are new and popular and increase your sales: –


Heavy in foliage designs have gained popularity in recent years. It’s back to the 70s again with some of today’s preferences being jades, euphorbias, succulents and tillandsia-which are arid plants. Among the reasons for their popularity is that they are relatively cheaper than the fresh flowers. Likewise, foliage-only designs bring life and make designs more full.

You can infuse extra volume by incorporating filler flowers on the lower down part in arrangements. This complement bloom with a major aim of coming up with floral led designs that are uninterrupted by layers of green. Additionally, you can add scale by outreaching longer and taller shapely stems to bring about movements and points of interest.

Foliage and branches can also create structures and depth within arrangements. To come out with a bountiful bloom when using foliage, it’s advisable to group them together rather than thread it throughout for a minimal fuss free bloom.

Brown Tones

Brown color can be included in pieces without being noticed. Because it’s a neutral color, more like beige and nude which implicates that it can rhyme with most color palettes and is accepted by majority people.

When added in a white arrangement, it creates an organic feeling and helps in toning down the brighter hues making them attractive to the eyes.

A Focus on Fragrance

A bridal bouquet may give a stunning look buts it’s not complete if it doesn’t have a good scent. Most brides smell their bouquets immediately they receive them irrespective of their interest in the fragrance. The best way to deal with these is by adding nosegays on place settings. The magic can be achieved by one stem of lavender or rosemary or peony rose.

Women do not only want to get a bouquet of flowers, they want style as well, so you should find a reputable London flower shops. In such shops clerks usually know very well what women prefer.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have a unique quality, whether they are used on their own or mixed with fresh flowers. Their delicate and fragile nature make for the most precious accents. They can also be used in large hanging displays or clouds to add that wow factor.

There is a wide variety of dried flowers available. From starflowers, Rodanthe which resembles daisy like bloom from the aster family to roses, they are all in high demand too.

As well, dried Pambas grass is proving to be really popular more so in its natural cream colour.


Bright and Vibrant Hues

Bright vibrant flowers also have a place in the bestselling flowers in 2019. More so, during the wedding season. The dazzling pink rose called Kiss Me Kate is well liked.

Peach and Coral

Peach has outdone white roses in the recent past. Most florist and their customers nowadays prefer them over the white roses. The Pearl Avalanche and in the rose family and Shimmer were also in high demand.

Not well known varieties of Lisianthus in peach and brown hues were also on great demand. The 2019 Pantone color of the year is Living Coral. It looks like a warmer colour palette will be seen in abundance thought the coming months.


With introduction of new color to the carnation family like viper wine and lege marrone, the flowers are climbing the ladder in the popularity lane.


Known in some cultures as ’’the king of flowers”, peonies are among the most popular wedding flowers. From their round shape, fluffy petals, embodying softens and sweet scent, they make a lovely statement in your wedding bouquets.

Whether you go for pale or bright, the wide range of peony colors can match your wedding colours, from red to pink, peonies are a bold choice to complete your wedding bouquets. The most often preferred shade is pink. And due to their size, you just need a few peonies to fill out a mixed bouquet.

One factor that you should keep in mind is that peonies are a little bit expensive, so if you are in love with this flower, prepare to spend more or use a less number and make it full with smaller blooms.

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