The Apprentice is coming back next month – take a look at Lord Sugar's nastiest quotes


“If you want to moan you can send me an email at [email protected]

It’s that time of the year again – Lord Sugar is set to dominate TV screens with a new season of The Apprentice.

Eighteen candidates will compete to become Lord Sugar’s business partner.

Lord Sugar said: “I need to see who’s got a good business brain, that’s all I’m interested in.

“The winner gets a £250,000 investment and it will change someone’s life forever. You are going to learn more about yourself throughout the course of this process, I promise you that. 

“Sometimes, some people can’t stand the heat, and they complain and they moan. If you want to moan you can send me an email at [email protected]

The show will air at 9pm on BBC One on 6 October.

Here are 10 of Lord Sugar’s best quotes

1. “Fair? The only fair you’re gonna get is your bloody train fare home.”

2. “You didn’t like it when you got a B in your French exam. You’re not gonna like it now, because you’ve got the big F – you’re fired!”

3. “If you nod your head any longer I’m going to put you on the back seat of my bloody car.”

4. “I know the words to Candle in the Wind – it don’t make me Elton John… You think you can second guess or play me? Well let me tell you, I’m as hard to play as a Stradivarius and you lot, I can assure you, are as easy to play as bongo drums.”

5. “If I had been one of the recipients of your sales pitch, if it’s anything like what you’re doing now, I would have gotten hold of your head and pushed it in the bloody cake!”

6. “Don’t tell me you’re just like me. You’re not like me. I’m unique.”

7. “All I’ve heard from you so far is a lot of hot air, so in the interests of climate change you’re fired…”

8. “I’m sick of looking at you at the moment. Get out of the bloody door. Get back to the house.”

9. “As times have changed, you seem to have gone from anchor to w****r.”

10. “There’s only room for one bigmouth in my organisation, and that’s me.”