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The advantages of sash window restoration for energy efficiency and style

by Sarah Dunsby
21st Mar 23 3:30 pm

Sash windows have been around for a while, probably sometime in the seventeenth century.

The fact that they’re still being used today in thousands of properties in the UK proves their value.

However, many of these windows are hundreds of years old and need some love. Sash window restorations and repairs are a great way to breathe life into these architectural staples. Windows can be double-glazed, draught-proofed, and made to look like new.

There are a lot of benefits to this, which means you should consider getting your windows restored. Not only will they look good, but they’ll save you money and help save the planet too.

Energy efficiency

Restoring your sash windows is one of the easiest ways to save money on energy bills. This is more important now than ever; gas prices rose by 129% from January 2022 to January 2023. We could all do with offsetting this a bit.

By having your sash windows vacuum double-glazed, they’ll become 8x more efficient than single glazing, 42% more efficient than double-glazing, and 12.5% more efficient than triple-glazing.

This adds to big savings in winter when the heating is on more often.

You might wonder how vacuum glazing is so much more efficient: by having a vacuum between the layers of glass, there’s no way for the heat to transfer between them.

That traps it inside your house, which keeps it toastier for longer. Having that extra warmth trapped means you can turn the radiator off sooner or keep it on a lower setting, which will reduce gas use.

Doing your bit

Being more energy efficient also means you’ll help reduce your carbon footprint. You’ll be burning less fuel at your property, which in turn means less carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases being emitted, which cause global warming.

You’ll be helping do your bit to tackle climate change by restoring your windows and having them made more energy-efficient. In fact, upgrading from single-glazed to double-glazing can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 680 kg per year.

This makes upgrading your windows one of the easiest ways to ensure carbon-consciousness.

Getting your windows double-glazed will also add value to your property. If the time ever comes for you to sell up and leave your home, research shows having new double glazing can increase the value it’ll fetch by up to 10%.

So, as well as saving while you’re living there, restoring your windows will bring in some extra money when you leave.

Timeless style

As well as saving money, restoring your sash windows will improve your property’s appearance. Having sash windows has been in style for almost half a millennium.

Part of this is that they enhance the appearance of any building they’re part of – they fit architectural styles from Georgian and Victorian to modern buildings.

For this reason, sash windows have been used in domestic houses, office blocks, civic buildings, theatres, and large institutional buildings, to name a few.

The practicalities

The design is based on two sliding panes overlapping when one is opened. It’s a classic look that we’re all familiar with and will still be popular for years.

Sash windows also come in a range of different materials, which help them complement various architectural styles: aluminium, wood, and PVC, to name a few.

Once you’ve restored your sash windows, they’re easily maintained, too. Cleaning and upkeep are relatively low effort which means you can keep your property looking well-maintained. Moreover, sash windows are excellent natural light sources, which can help make your interior design glow. Restoring your windows ensures you keep this natural light flowing through your home.

So, why delay

There are so many reasons to get your sash windows restored. They are extremely practical, and also stylish for any architecture. Their practicality and timeless design make it worthwhile to have them restored.

They will add value to your home for years to come. Moreover, having your sash windows restored will save you money.

By having them double-glazed or draught-proofed, you can reduce the amount of heat loss, reducing the energy you use.

Not only does this save on your energy bills it cuts your carbon footprint. So, now is the best time to restore your sash windows so you can benefit.

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