TalkTalk's first quarter revenue falls


Find out why it fell

TalkTalk’s revenue fell by 3.2 per cent in the first quarter to the end of June compared to the same period last year the company revealed today.

In the report the company said their full-year expectations remain unchanged and they expected to grow year on year improving cash flow and overall performance.

The addition of 20,000 new consumer and wholesale customers delivered ‘good growth’ in contrast to the 9,000 decline in the first quarter last year.

In the report the company said: “Strong growth in Corporate and Wholesale broadband revenues was offset by a decline in Consumer revenues resulting from the smaller average on-net base and the dilutive effect of re-contracting activity.

“These effects are expected to moderate as the base grows, and we drive fibre take up and other products such as TV.  As a result we continue to expect full year revenues to grow.”