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Starmer taking power will see migrants crossing the English Channel ‘as soon as possible’

5th Jul 24 1:38 pm

Migrants in Northern France are cheering Labour’s win and will be heading across the English Channel in their thousands as Sir Keir Starmer has vowed to scrap the Rwanda plan from “day one.”

According to the Telegraph migrants have told the paper they are happy that Labour have got into power and as soon as the weather allows they will sailing full steam ahead for the UK.

The Telegraph reported that when the migrants at Dunkirk heard that Rishi Sunak has been annihilated they were overjoyed.

Amir, 23, from Kurdistan said, “We are calling him [Starmer] ‘Party Krekaran’ because we have heard that this guy is really helpful to the refugees.”

Amir added that he will be crossing the Channel “as soon as possible” now Labour are in power.

He said, “It’s really good for us. We were really nervous in our countries to travel all the way here and get sent back.

“We no longer live in fear of sending us to Rwanda. I’ve seen a couple of documentaries and Rwanda is not the best place.”

Another migrant told the Telegraph that he paid £3,900 to a smuggler to help him cross the English Channel.

Halmat Ali, 31, from Iraq said, “I like Labour government. I will cross at first chance. They give me hope.

“I will cross on Sunday when [the] weather is better.”

48-year-old migrant from Turkey said he was happy Sunak had lost the general election and that when the “weather is good” he will try to cross the Channel.

“I’m happy [Rishi Sunak is gone] why do they want to send refugees to Rwanda,” he said.

‘I don’t want to go to Rwanda. I want to go to England. New government makes me happy.”

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