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Starmer and Boris come to blows over Matt Hancock’s affair scandal with Gina Coladangelo

30th Jun 21 3:17 pm

The Prime Minister has been accused today of trying to sweep the Matt Hancock affair scandal “under the carpet.”

Love rat Hancock resigned on Saturday as the Health Secretary following an affair with Gina Coladangelo, who then told his wife last Thursday their 15-year marriage was “over.”

Coladangelo has left her husband Oliver Tress for the disgraced former Health Secretary after their affair was leaked by the Sun newspaper last Friday.

The Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer accused Boris Johnson that there is a “pattern” as he always backs his colleagues.

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) Sir Keir asked Johnson why he did not sack Hancock.

Johnson told MPs, “I read the story in common with you and everyone else on Friday and we had a new Health Secretary in place by Saturday, which I think that, given that we have a pandemic, I think to move from one health secretary to the next with that speed was fast.

“But it wasn’t as fast as the vaccine rollout, which is now going so fast that in this country we’ve done half the under-30s – half the under-30s have now had their first jab.

“And that is speed.”

The Labour leader said, “What a ridiculous answer.

“The Prime Minister must be the only person in the country who looked at that photo Friday morning and thought the Health Secretary shouldn’t be sacked immediately.”

Si Keir then asked the Prime Minister, did he ask Hancock to resign at any moment or did he actually sack him?

Johnson replied with, “He will notice that the health secretary has changed in the past five days.

“He complains about the speed with which that happens, this government moves at positively lightning speed in comparison to the gentleman opposite who spent three days trying and failing to sack his deputy leader, who he then promoted.

“He fires and rehires.”

Sir Keir added, “The Prime Minister was happy to keep a Health Secretary in place during the pandemic who he not only thought was absolutely hopeless, but he also knew had broken the rules and was in a relationship with somebody he was employing at taxpayers’ expense, it doesn’t sound like case closed to me.

“I know the Prime Minister is keen to sweep this under the carpet, but let me tell the Prime Minister why this matters, millions of people made huge and very difficult sacrifices to follow the rules that his health secretary had introduced.”

He told MPs in the Commons, “It’s no questions asked by the Prime Minister on Friday and no questions answered today.

“There’s a pattern here.

“When Dominic Cummings broke the rules by driving to Barnard Castle, the Prime Minister backed him.

“When the Housing Secretary unlawfully approved a billion pound property deal for a Tory donor, the Prime Minister backed him.

“When the Home Secretary broke the ministerial code, the Prime Minister backed her.

And when the Health Secretary broke Covid rules, the Prime Minister tried and wanted to back him too.

“Every time it’s the same old story.

“Isn’t it the case that while the British people are doing everything asked of them, it’s one rule for them and another rule for everybody else?”

The Prime Minister said, “We’re getting on with our agenda of vaccinating the population of this country through the energy and the application of the new Secretary of State for Health and the Department of Health.”

“We create jobs, he creates non-jobs.

“He dithers, we deliver.”

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