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Sorry ladies, it would take over 50 years for women to be paid as much as men

26th Sep 16 10:19 am

New research shows shocking stats

The gender pay gap is set to stay with us until 2069 unless women take up roles in science and engineering.

Research completed by Deloitte suggests the huge gap could be the difference in career paths that women are likely to take over the ones men choose.

The company says women should take full advantage of the changes in different industries and head for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) where pay is more neutral for both genders.

The study shows that the pay gap is falling at a rate of 2.5 pence a year.

Deloitte says women only make up 14.4 per cent of the stem work force in the UK.

Research has found female graduates earn an average of 8 per cent less than their male counterparts across all of the STEM subjects combined.

This is compared to the nine per cent across all industries.

Emma Codd, managing partner for talent at Deloitte, told Sky News: “We know that the pay gap is far smaller for those women starting their careers in STEM-related roles; we also know that high-skilled jobs demanding a blend of cognitive, social and technical skills are typically among the most highly paid.

“Therefore, if more women study STEM subjects and pursue related careers they will increase their earnings potential in the early years of their working lives and – should they remain in their careers – the later ones. This in turn should serve to reduce the gender pay gap.

“A great deal of progress has been made in the past half century, but we should not wait another 53 years for full parity.”

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