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Snapchat shares jump amid reports of Amazon tie-up

by Purvai Dua
10th Jul 18 9:56 am

Snapchat shares jumped 0.89 per cent last evening amid reports that it is working on a project with Amazon — codenamed internally as “Eagle” — whereby Amazon users would be able to identify products, barcodes and songs once they take a photo with Snapchat’s camera.

15-year-old app researcher Ishan Agarwal has been credited for tipping off TechCrunch about this scoop.

The feature would allow users to snap a picture of an object, and then the app would pull up sellers of a product and reviews, according to the Verge. You would then be able to copy the Amazon link, share, and send the info to friends. If not, it will simply alert: “Bummer, we didn’t catch that!”

“Surfacing within Snapchat a context card of details about ownable objects might be the first step to getting users to buy them… and advertisers to pay Snap to promote them. It’s easy to imagine context cards being accessible for products tagged in Snap Ads as well as scanned through visual search,” TechCrunch story adds.

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